Vinland Saga (Season 2) Multi Audio (Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Eng-Jap) Episodes (English & Hindi Subtitles) [1080p, 720p & 480p]


After his father’s death and the destruction of his village at the hands of English raiders, Einar wishes for a peaceful life with his family on their newly rebuilt farms. However, fate has other plans: his village is invaded once again. Einar watches helplessly as the marauding Danes burn his lands and slaughter his family. The invaders capture Einar and take him back to Denmark as a slave.

Series Info

πŸ“° Title : Vinland Saga
πŸ‚ Season : 2
πŸ“Ί Type : TVSeries (2019-)
πŸ“† Release Date : Apr 9, 2022
⏰ Runtime : ~24 min
🌐 Network : Crunchyroll
🎭 Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama
🏒 Companies : Mappa
πŸ“š Content Rating : TV-MA
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.8/10.0
πŸ†” IMDb ID : tt10233448
πŸ€ Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – English – Japanese
πŸ’¬ Subtitles : English
πŸ–₯️ Trailer : Click Here


Episode 1 - Slave

Einar lives peacefully in northern England with his mother and sister, but then one day, their village comes under attack.
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Episode 2 - Ketil's Farm

Einar and Thorfinn are told to convert a wild forest into a wheat field; and if they succeed, they will have the chance to buy their own freedom.
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Episode 3 - Snake

The farm guards convince Ketil’s 17-year-old son that he needs to make his first killing to become a man.
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Episode 4 - Awakening

After everything that happened, Einar asks Thorfinn if he’s ever fought in a war β€” and if he’s ever killed a man.
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Episode 5 - Path of Blood

After the sudden turn of events, young Canute must rise up to claim the throne to a kingdom much reduced and under attack.
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Episode 6 - We Need a Horse

Thorfinn and Einar are working themselves to the bone to clear the forest, but there’s only so much they can do without the help of horses.
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Episode 7 - Iron Fist Ketil

Thieves have been stealing food from Ketil’s farm. Meanwhile, Ketil’s eldest son Thorgil returns home.
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Episode 8 - An Empty Man

Thorfinn has nightmares almost every night, but he can never remember what he dreamed about β€” and that bothers him.
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Episode 9 - Oath

Thorfinn wakes up in a peaceful place and he sees his father again. But then things quickly turn dark, and Thorfinn must face his painful past.
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Episode 10 - The Cursed Head

Finally, after three long years, Einar and Thorfinn chop down the final tree in the forest. With hope in their hearts, they talk about the future.
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Episode 11 - Kings and Swords

While in Jelling, Ketil, Thorgil and Olmar meet a man named Leif Erikson who is searching for Thorfinn, the son of his close friend.
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Episode 12 - For Lost Love

Olmar feels insulted by Canute’s messenger and, encouraged by his older brother Thorgil, takes matters into his own hands.
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Episode 13 - Dark Clouds

Einar says that even if he gains his freedom, he wants to stay near Arnheid. Snake hears news of a slave who killed his owners, and is now on the run.
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Episode 14 - Freedom

A runaway slave appears on Ketil’s farm, claiming to be Arnheid’s husband. But before he can free her, he’s confronted by Snake.
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Episode 15 - Storm

Arnheid comes to the fortress where Gardar is imprisoned. She wants to see her husband and treat his injuries.
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Episode 16 - Great Purpose

As Snake intensifies his search, Arnheid tells Einar and Thorfinn everything she’s done. Knowing the risks, Einar and Thorfinn offer to help her.
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Episode 17 - The Road Home

Snake strikes quickly, surprising Thorfinn with his speed and agility. As he lies wounded, Gardar thinks back on the life he shared with Arnheid.
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Episode 18 - The First Method

After returning home to his farm, an exhausted Ketil starts searching for Arnheid, only to find out what happened in his absence.
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Episode 19 - The Battle of Ketil's Farm

Amidst the confusion of a peasant uprising, Thorfinn and the others try to escape, carrying a severely injured and pregnant Arnheid.
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Episode 20 - Pain

As Thorfinn and Einar head for their escape, Arnheid regains consciousness and asks where they are going β€” and if there are slaves and wars there, too.
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Episode 21 - Courage

The battle has left heartbreaking casualties in its wake. Though Thorgil and Ketil’s wife want to continue the fight, Canute demands their surrender.
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Episode 22 - The King of Rebellion

Snake tries to put a stop to it, but Thorfinn insists on receiving all 100 blows from Canute’s brutish guard Drott, shocking the rowdy onlookers.
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Episode 23 - Two Paths

Thorfinn and Einar have said their piece, but Canute stubbornly refuses to give up Ketil’s Farm. Then, Thorfinn breaks the standoff with a decision.
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Episode 24 - Home

At long last, Thorfinn returns to Iceland and finds a moment of happiness, reunited with his loved ones. But soon, he opens up about his next journey.
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