Komi Can’t Communicate (Season 1) Dual Audio (Eng-Jap) Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


An elite and aloof schoolgirl is in fact severely withdrawn and anxious about communicating with others. An ordinary schoolboy befriends her and helps her to open up and talk with people

Series Info

πŸ“° Title : Komi Can’t Communicate
πŸ‚ Season : 1
πŸ“Ί Type : TVSeries (2021-22)
πŸ“† Release Date : October 7, 2021
⏰ Runtime : ~24 min
🌐 Network : Netflix
🎭 Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Family
🏒 Companies : OLM
πŸ“š Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ MAL Rating : 9.06
πŸ†” MAL ID : 50265
πŸ€ Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : English – Japanese [Org. Audio]Β 
πŸ’¬ Subtitles : English
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Episodes List

Episode 1 - It's just, I wish I could speak.

It’s Tadano’s first day of high school and all he wants to do is blend into the background. He starts to get to know Komi, a quiet girl in his class.
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Episode 2 - It's just a childhood friend. Plus more.

To help Komi make more friends, Tadano tries to enlist the help of a talkative classmate who’s friends with everyone, but they promptly turn him down.
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Episode 3 - It's just stage fright. Plus more.

A nervous girl named Himiko Agari’s anxiety levels go through the roof when Komi starts silently staring at her in a very intense way.
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Episode 4 - It's just a physical. Plus more.

During the school health checkup, competitive classmate Yadano is determined to clock better results than Komi, whom she sees as her ultimate rival.
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Episode 5 - It's just my summer uniform. Plus more.

Komi wonders why everyone starts staring at her when, like the rest of the student body, she switches from her winter to her summer school uniform.
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Episode 6 - It's just a joke. Plus more.

When Tadano gets to school, he finds Komi waiting for him in the classroom. She then nervously hands him a letter.
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Episode 7 - It's just the pool. Plus more.

Komi spends a lot of time getting ready for her trip to the local pool with Tadano and Najimi. Once they’re there, they bump into even more friends.
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Episode 8 - It's just Obon. Plus more.

It’s the Obon holidays, and Komi is visiting her grandma’s house. She can’t help but feel a little awkward around her extended family.
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Episode 9 - It's just a country kid. Plus more.

It’s the first day of the new semester and everyone is happy to see Komi again, but then a student named Inaka starts to follow her around.
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Episode 10 - It's just sports day. Plus more.

On the school sports day, Komi isn’t sure how to properly cheer for her classmates, but she does her best. Then, it’s her turn to run the relay race.
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Episode 11 - It's just a performance for the culture festival. Plus more.

The students of class 1-1 have to decide what they’re going to do for the culture festival β€” a task they’re all taking way too seriously.
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Episode 12 - It's just the culture festival.

At the culture festival, Najimi is up to something. They try to rope Komi and Tadano into their scheme.
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