Keymon Ache (Season 2) Multi Audio (Hindi-Tam-Tel-Ben-Mar-Kan-Guj) Episodes [576p]


Rohan’s life changes when he gets a bag as a gift from his dad. He comes to know it is a magical creature, Keymon Ache, in disguise, who can bring toys to life.

Series Info

📰 Title : Keymon Ache
📺 Type : TVSeries (2011)
📆 Release Date : 2011
⏰ Runtime : ~19 min
🌐 Network : Sonic Nickelodeon
🎭 Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy
🏢 Companies : DQ Entertainment International
📚 Content Rating : 7+
🍀 Quality : 576p WEB-DL
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – Bengali – Marathi – Kannada – Gujarati
💳 Credits : Toonmix
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 01 - Polar Bhai - Chor Machaye Shor

It is blazing hot, and Rohan and Keymon want to find a way to make the room cooler. Keymon uses his magic to make it snow in Rohan’s room, but a polar bear comes to life. Not knowing what to do, how will they make the polar bear go away before Mataji finds out?

Episode 02 - Matacopter - Mini's Party

Keymon and Rohan feel sad for Mataji, who has to carry heavy shopping bags and walk home from the market in the heat. So, Keymon comes up with a magical umbrella, which makes Mataji fly around. Will the blessing for Mataji become a pain for Keymon and Rohan?

Episode 03 - Jadoo Topi - Rahul Versus Sid

When Mishra Sir gives Rohan and Keymon home work repeatedly, Keymon puts a magic cap on Mishra Sir and hypnotises him to do as they say. Realising that it’s working on Mishra Sir, Rohan starts using the cap on everyone else. Will someone be able to stop Rohan before he misuses the cap and hypnotises everybody?

Episode 04 - Autoclothes - Window Tv

When the new fancy kids come to play in the playground, Rohan feels left out and tries hard to fit in. Keymon uses magic to help Rohan get fancy clothes and make new friends. Is this a friendship that will last?

Episode 05 - Amusement Park

In this episode, Rohan and his class are going to the amusement park filled with cool rides. Rohan wants to enjoy at the park, but wicked Sid uses his old tricks to bully him. Will Rohan be able to stop Sid’s bullying and enjoy the amusement park?

Episode 06 - School Metro

Rohan is tired of walking to school everyday, so Keymon uses his magic to make a metro train for Rohan. Keymon asks for chocolates instead of tickets in exchange for a ride on the metro. Will the temptation of getting chocolates from his friends make Rohan greedy?

Episode 07 - Mind Rewind - Tree House

Rohan and Keymon want to avoid getting scolded by Dad, so Keymon uses a special spray that erases Dad’s memory. Rohan misuses the spray whenever he is in trouble, even in school. Will the over use of the spray land Rohan in trouble? Find out more, only !

Episode 08 - Shrink Machine

Rohan and Keymon are not allow to play outside because it is raining. Rohan is really bored, so he asks Keymon think about something fun. Keymon shrinks himself and Rohan, so that they have ample space to play at home. Will Rohan and Keymon return to their normal size before it is too late?

Episode 09 - Beemari Bubblegum - Don Keymon

Rohan wants to avoid a surprise test, so he asks Keymon to give him the bubblegum that temporarily makes him sick. The plan works and Rohan goes home, but he starts using the bubblegum everyday to skip school. Will Mataji punish Rohan when she gets to know about this magic bubblegum?

Episode 10 - Car Nival - Ameer Gareeb

Rohan’s dad buys a new car and decides to take his family on a picnic. Rohan and Keymon fight over the shotgun seat and accidentally remove the handbrake and end up in a runaway car. Can Rohan’s dad save them from harm?

Episode 11 - School Fete

Rohan and Keymon visit the School Fete. They visit a stall where a hoop throwing competition is held. They both spot a chocolate box as a prize on the display. Desperate to win the chocolate, Rahul and Keymon spend all their money on the hoop game. Will their gamble pay off?

Episode 12 - Circus Vircus - Remote Parents

Keymon and the kids are at the circus to have a joyous time, but the kids refuse to see certain stunts after getting terrified of it. Keymon makes a courage candy and hands them over to each of them, but the plan goes horribly wrong when the kids get off their seats to do the stunts themselves. Find out what happens next, !

Episode 13 - Brush Brush Hota Hai - Keymon Island

Rohan gets fired by his teacher for not polishing his shoes. While Keymon polishes Rohan’s shoes, they are again ruined by his naughty classmate. Can Keymon do some magic to save Rohan from punishment?

Episode 14 - Sadda Haq - Ballchi Bhaagta

Rohan gets punished for watching TV without completing his homework. Keymon asks Rohan’s parents to exchange their duties with Rohan for one week. Rohan’s parents start studying by going to school and Rohan starts doing his parents’ jobs. What will be the result of this?

Episode 15 - Kya Mall Hai - Magnet Hands

Keymon and Rohan visit a mall to buy groceries as per Rohan’s mother’s order. They encounter several problems because of their miscommunication. What was their misunderstanding?

Episode 16 - Teacher's Pet - Mooch Nahi Toh Kooch Nahi

Rohan and Keymon get bullied by a classmate called Sid. However, instead of punishing Sid, Mishra Sir supports him and punishes Rohan and Keymon instead. Why does Mishra Sir favour Sid? Watch the fun episode to find out!

Episode 17 - Science Project - Boys Versus Girls

For the school project, Rohan brings a basic but working model of a volcano. But when Keymon uses his power to make the volcano active, trouble ensues. Witness the chaos and hilarity that unfolds, !

Episode 18 - Chipkoji - I Scream

Rohan’s mother chides Keymon and Rohan for breaking a flower vase. When Rohan is punished for his mistake, Keymon creates Chipkoji which joins broken things. Will this creation help Rohan?

Episode 19 - Gaayab Aaya - Bhaago Result Aaya

To Rohan’s disappointment, Keymon refuses to finish his homework as he wanted him to be more responsible. Rohan feels relieved when he thinks the teacher has forgotten about the homework, but just at the last second she brings it up. What will Rohan do now?

Episode 20 - Motu Chand - Camping Trip

Rahul’s friends make fun of him by calling him Motu Chand because of his weight. When he gets upset, Rohan and Keymon comfort him. Meanwhile, their principal has a piece of advice for Rahul. Will his advice help Rahul?

Episode 21 - Liar Liar - Magnify

Keymon advices Rohan against a bad habit like lying, but he gets upset. Rohan lies to Mishra Sir about not completing his homework,but he gets caught! Watch the consequences of lying in this episode, now !

Episode 22 - Energy Generator - Cape Fear

Rohan feels weak during a game of cricket and Keymon gives him a pair of magical energy generating headphones to him. Watch Rohan perform spectacularly in the game with his magical headphones, only !

Episode 23 - V-Day Party - Dadaji

Rohan gets upset when Mini rejects his card on V-day. So he decides to give the same card to another girl to make Mini jealous. Will his plan get Mini to go with him to the V-day party?

Episode 24 - Jungle House - House Shifting

When a game of ball destroys the plants, Keymon uses a magic potion to fix everything. But to their surprise, the plants grow out of control, creating a jungle inside the house. What will Keymon and his friends do now?

Episode 25 - Mechanics - Sauna

Keymon and Rohan come up with the idea to work part time as mechanics with the help of a magical tool box. But trouble follows when the tool kit starts repairing at will. Will this situation lead to them losing their jobs, or will they come up with a solution? Find out, !

Episode 26 - Hobby Ya Barbaadi - Key-One

After their teacher advises them to take up a hobby, Keymon and Rohan decide to form a band. How will this hobby work out for them? Tune in to Voot to find out!

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