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Pokemon (Season 25) Ultimate Journeys English Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


This season It continues the adventures of Ash, Goh and Chloe Cerise as they travel through various regions.

Series Info

📰 Title : Pokemon – Ultimate Journeys
🍂 Season : 25
📺 Type : TVSeries (2022-)
📆 Release Date : 28 May, 2022
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Teletoon / Cartoon Network
🎭 Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : The Pokémon Company
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 7.5/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0168366
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : English [Org. Audio] 
💬 Subtitles : English
💳 Credits : SHIRT (Million Thanks)
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here

Episodes are listed according to English release. Some episodes were skipped by English release.


Episode 1 - The Spectral Express

Ash and Goh came to Wyndon station so they can head to Stow-on-Side. The two decide to board a dubious ghost train to hand over the ticket dropped by a masked boy. While moving in the car looking for the boy, Ash’s appearance seems strange after hitting a mysterious stone.

Episode 2 - The Winding Path to Greatness!

Ash and Goh visit the ghost-type Gym Leader, Allister, in Stow-on-Side to Gigantamax Gengar. In order for Ash’s Gengar to Gigantamax, it is necessary to drink a Max Soup made from Max Mushrooms. Can Gengar safely collect Max Mushrooms from the forest where many unique Ghost-type Pokémon live and be able to Gigantamax?

Episode 3 - It's All in the Name!

Ren, an assistant at the Cerise Laboratory has a Magnemite named Francois who is very particular about food and only uses electricity from retro products. Looking at that, Ren remembers the first he met Francois. Meanwhile, in Vermilion City, an incident has occurred in which all the Magnemite suddenly begin acting erratic! Which means Francoise is in danger! Can Ash and Goh protect Francoise along with Ren?

Episode 4 – Suffering the Flings and Arrows!

A Lilligant has just arrived at Cerise Park, and Heracross has become attracted to her. Pinsir gets saddened at the sight of this, since it’s in love with Heracross. The depressed Pinsir starts thinking that things might’ve been different if it had a pretty flower too, so Ash and Goh decide to take it along as they accompany Chloe to a “Pokémon flower arrangement class” held by Celadon City’s Gym Leader Erika in order to cheer it up. Will Pinsir manage to win Heracross’ attention?

Episode 5 – The Good, The Bad, and The Lucky!

Team Rocket spend their days focusing on their part-time jobs, so they can raise funds for their operations—they’re also completely sick of their missions constantly failing. They conclude that the failures happen because the Prize Master doesn’t give them any strong Pokémon, so they decide to follow Pelipper in order to complain to those in charge.

Episode 6 - Lighting the Way Home!

Sophocles has asked Ash and Goh to come to Mossdeep Space Center in the Hoenn Region. He tells them that he and an Ampharos are participating in the return project for the asteroid probe Flarrow 2, where the probe will be making its return using Ampharos’ light as a guide.

Episode 7 - An Evolution in Taste!

Ash and Goh return to Slowpoke Island, so that Goh can capture a Slowpoke for his Pokédex. During their stay, Galarian Slowpoke and their corresponding evolution lines appear on the island! Are they here to make friends or enemies?

Episode 8 - Out of Their Elements!

Ash, Goh and Chloe visit a Pokémon Circus where they meet the two performers Honoka and Billy. Honoka loves Fire type Pokémon and Billy loves Electric type Pokémon and they both intend to evolve their Eevee into a Flareon and Jolteon respectively before their upcoming performance.

Episode 9 – Battling Turned Up to Eleven!

Marnie stands in front of Ash as an opponent of World Coronation Series. However, Team Yell, trying to give Marnie a goodbye, tell Ash a lie about the venue and Ash arrives in Spikemuth.

Episode 10 – Meeting Up with the Monarch!

Ash was originally going to search for Pokémon in the Galar region, alongside Goh, but an unexpected turn of events led to him training with Leon instead.

Episode 11 – A One-Stick Wonder!

Ash and Goh arrive in the wild area of Galar and meet a Thwackey. Goh’s Grookey has a longing for his evolved form Thwackey.

Episode 12 - Battling in the Freezing Raid

Project Mew’s next Trial Mission is to have a raid battle against Articuno. Goh heads to Seafoam Islands, where Articuno is said to be, alongside Ash, where he reunites with two others searching for Articuno: Horace, his friend who wants to get Celebi, and Ash’s childhood friend Gary.

Episode 13 - The Future is Now, Thanks to Strategy

The venue for the next “Pokémon World Coronations” is in Lumiose City in the Kalos region. Before the match starts, Ash and Goh visit gym leader Clemont and his sister Bonnie, who used to travel with Ash.

Episode 14 - Taking Two For The Team!

Ash’s Pokémon World Coronation opponent is Drasna from the Kalos Elite Four, she is ranked 12th in Ultra Class! Drasna looks kind, but her battling skills are absolutely extreme?!

Episode 15 - Reuniting For The First Time!

A conversation between Chloe and Chrysa leads to Chrysa mentioning that her friend Kiley, the Vaporeon Trainer whom Chloe met a while back, has told her that a Sylveon and its Trainer are garnering attention around his home at Lilycove City in Hoenn, thanks to their success in Pokémon Contests. Since Sylveon is the last one of Eevee’s evolutions that Chloe has yet to meet, she happily decides to go see it.

Episode 16 - Radio Lulled the Mischievous Stars!

To increase the number of members of Team Rocket all over the world at the behest of Boss Giovanni, Jessie and the others start a radio program to recruit members. Despite being enthusiastic to tell the world about the wonderfulness of Team Rocket and get new members… the listeners are zero people! Not losing hope they completely revamp the show to make more interesting radio programs, completely forgetting their original purpose..?

Episode 17 - Big Brother to the Rescue!

Yamper is the reliable big brother of Pokémon in Cerise Park and solves the troubles that occur in the park brilliantly, but this time he notices that the water of the river flowing through the park is dirty, For the Pokémon that live by the water, along with Ash, Goh and Chloe, they try to find out the cause of the dirt… Can Yamper protect the peace of Cerise Park?

Episode 18 - Catching the Aura of Fate

Ash and Lucario decides to go see Greninja, who once traveled with Ash through the Kalos region, to power up and join the Masters Eight. Lucario challenges Greninja, but it lacks something in battle. Does Ash want to tell something about Greninja?

Episode 19 - Aim for the Eight!

Ash arrives in the Galar region for his World Coronation Series promotion match against Kibana.

Episode 20 - Narrowing the Chaser Chase!

Goh and Ash come to Sea Mauville, Hoenn for a new mission of “Project Mew”. This mission is survival! Battle with other challengers in the facility and only the last remaining one will be the winner. Goh who challenges with Inteleon, reunites with his friend Horace.

Episode 21 - The Homecoming Crown!

In the Galar Region’s Crown Tundra, there have been reports of a mysterious Pokémon appearing. Ash, Goh, and Chloe head over to look into it. Meanwhile, Ash’s Alolan friend, Lillie, and her brother, Gladion, have also arrived at the Crown Tundra in search of their father, Mohn.

Episode 22 – Helping The HomeTown Hero!

Around the same time where most Alola residences such as from Aether Foundation and Pokémon School welcomes Mohn back and celebrates his return, Ash reunites with his friends from that school since introducing Goh to them for a while, now introduces them to Chloe Cerise.

Episode 23 – Chasing to the Finish!

After receiving his final trial mission from Project Mew, “Get Regieleki and Regidrago”, Goh heads to the Split-Decision Ruins in the Crown Tundra on his own. His rival Gary, has also come; can Goh clear this mission without any problems arising?

Episode 24 – Friends, Rivals, Lend Me Your Spirit!

Ash, who is undergoing special training for the Masters Tournament, is called to Oak’s lab, along with Goh. There, Ash reunites with his rival Paul, from when he was traveling during Sinnoh.

Episode 25 – Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!

The biggest tournament in history, the Masters tournament, which determines the pinnacle of Pokémon battles, has begun and Ash and Goh have come to the Galar region, Wyndon Stadium, where the battle will take place.

Episode 26 – Pride of a Champion!

The Second Battle of the Master tournament begins! Lance and Diantha battle to battle the monarch, Leon to move on to the finals.

Episode 27 – The Fiery Road to Mastership!

The third match of the Masters Eight begins, with Iris facing off against Cynthia. Who will win in this match?

Episode 28 – Battling as Hard as Stone!

The final match of the Masters Eight knockout rounds begins, with Ash facing Steven Stone! Can Ash prevail against the Pokémon Champion of Hoenn?

Episode 29 – Infinite Possibilities!

Chloe visits the Eevee Evolution Lab, where Pinery does a medical check on Eevee and declares that she’s in perfect health. She asks what Chloe and Eevee have been doing lately, and Chloe tells her how they took part in a Pokémon Contest and met Lana, another Trainer with an Eevee, who taught her that Eevee could stay unevolved.

Episode 30 – It's... Champion Time!

A new day dawns in Wyndon as Ash wakes up at the Rose of the Rondelands hotel to find Goh having stayed up all night to study the data that Project Mew had sent for him so he can be ready for the next mission as soon as it happens.

Episode 31 – Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!

The second semifinals match of the Pokémon World Coronation Series Masters Eight Tournament is about to commence, where the winner will earn the right to face Monarch Leon in the finals.

Episode 32 – Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling!

On the day of the Masters Tournament semifinals, Ash starts preparing for his upcoming match against Shirona.

Episode 33 – Whittle While You Work!

Ash’s battle against Cynthia continues as Cynthia has unexpectedly Dynamaxed Togekiss instead of using Mega Evolution on Garchomp! With Lucario as his only Pokémon, can Ash defeat Cynthia?

Episode 34 – Just a Scone's Throw From Here!

On the day before Ash and Leon’s battle in the finals of the Masters Eight Tournament, Ash and Goh arrive at Wyndon Stadium to be greeted by Professor Magnolia, Sonia, and Leon.

Episode 35 – A Flood of Torrential Gains!

The Masters Tournament Finals are finally starting. Getting an official match against Leon has been Ash’s goal this entire time, so he’s really enthused about this.

Episode 36 – Toying With Your Motions!

It’s the Masters Tournament finals: Ash vs. Leon. The two of them have been waging a seesaw battle since the very start, but as the battle continues on, Ash finds himself getting more and more toyed with by Leon’s Pokémon and strategies.

Episode 37 – Paring Pokemon While Parrying!

The Masters Eight Tournament Final between Ash and Leon continues. All of Ash’s Pokémon are in a tattered state. Even so, Leon smiles at the sight of Ash and his Pokémon who continue to fight him without hesitation. It’s the strongest Champion versus the strongest challenger.

Episode 38 – Partners in Time!

Having shown up at Wyndon Stadium, what is Eternatus’ purpose? And, Ash and Leon’s battle also heads into its climax. Facing Leon’s ace, Charizard, Ash and Pikachu muster up the last of their strength and face up to him.

Episode 39 - The Mew From Here!

At the same time as Ash’s Masters Eight Tournament Finals, Goh is heading to The End of the World to search for Mew. Goh, Gary, Horace, Danika and Quillon landed on the island but lost contact with Professor Amaranth in the lab and their Poké Balls have also stopped working.

Episode 40 – In the Palms of Our Hands!

The Chasers who got spilt into two groups due to trouble at the island are in danger.

Episode 41 – Heroes Unite!

Ash and Goh reunite at Cerise Park, after completing their respective challenges. They decide to go camping with Chloe. Surrounded by nature, filled with Pokémon as far as the eye can see, the three reminisce about their childhood memories with Pokémon but… there’s something Goh isn’t able to tell Ash.

Episode 42 – This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

Ash and Goh’s friendship hits a rough spot due to a slight misunderstanding about feelings. But just then, in front of the two, the legendary Pokémon Lugia appears, just like it did on the day the two first met. The two, who have grown so much after adventuring together, immediately challenge it to a raid battle.

Episode 43 - The Road Most Traveled!

Ash and Pikachu continue their adventure in the direction the wind blows, interacting with wild Pokémon along the way. Team Rocket are close behind, still plotting to steal Pikachu.

Episode 44 - A Fated Face-Off!

Ash and Pikachu, who continue their journey, have come to the beach. Ash meets a wild Clauncher at the beach and tries to catch it. However, awaiting them there is Misty, a former traveling companion! Ash and Misty insist that one of them will catch Clauncher.

Episode 45 - Must Be Our Heroes and the Witch!

Ash and Pikachu reunite with their former travel companions, Brock and Cilan. However, Brock seems to be terribly depressed because he just lost his love. Then suddenly a wild Hatterene kidnaps Brock, but what is the reason? Can Ash, Misty and Cilan bring back Brock!?

Episode 46 - Bearing Down Easy!

Ash and his friends are continuing their journey together. They soon come to a frozen forest, where they come across a wild Beartic. Beartic seems to want Ash and his friends’ help for some reason. Will they be able to figure out what Beartic is asking them to do?

Episode 47 - A Squad Worth of Passion!

Ash, Pikachu and the others have come to a port town where a large crowd has gathered to witness the show put on by the Squirtle Squad, led by the Squirtle that traveled with Ash in the past. Ash and the others are enjoying the show but on the other hand Team Rocket, who have become the managers of the Squirtle Squad seems to be plotting something?

Episode 48 - The Same Moon, Now and Forever!

During their journey, Team Rocket attacks Ash and his friends when they had dozed off. Although Ash manages to thwart them, his Pikachu flies away into the sky with Team Rocket! Ash and Pikachu, who are separated, search for each other to reunite but. Even if they are apart, their hearts are one! Will they be able to meet again?

Episode 49 - Ride, Lapras, Ride!

Ash and Pikachu reunite with Lapras, who once traveled with them. Lapras seems to be asking for their help. On the island where Lapras guides them to is a Wailmer stuck in a hole in the cave and unable to get out! Will they be able to rescue the Wailmer?

Episode 50 - Getting to the Heart of it All!

Ash, Pikachu, and the others have come to a town where strange phenomena have allegedly been occurring in various houses. In order to solve the mystery, the group searches one of the affected houses themselves, where they encounter a Banette. The Banette has been taking all kinds of objects from the houses it’s broken into. What could its goal be?

Episode 51 – Rocket Revengers!

Team Rocket have been coveting Ash’s Pikachu ever since they first met him and his Trainer in Viridian City. Wanting to get Pikachu once and for all, they decide to bring in all their Pokémon that were kept in HQ to help them. Can Ash prevent Team Rocket from getting his partner and best friend or will he lose him for good?

Episode 52 - Ash and Latios

Latias once again appears before Ash and Pikachu, using her “Dream Projection” to show them Latios being attacked by Pokémon Hunters. Can Ash and his friends help Latias rescue Latios?

Episode 53 - The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!

When Ash and Pikachu return to Pallet Town and reunite with Gary, he asks Ash the following question: How much closer are you to becoming a Pokémon Master, now that you’re a Champion? Becoming a Pokémon Master has been the dream Ash had been gunning for ever since he first set off on his journey with Pikachu. Will Ash be able to find the answer to this question?

Episode 54 - Distant Blue Sky! New!

Ash and Pikachu continue their aiming to become a Pokémon Master. Ash has promised to meet his parents in Tonari Town, but Pikachu gets abducted by Team Rocket on the way. While searching for his partner, Ash runs into a mysterious boy named Haruto. This is the story of Ash and Pikachu’s encounters on their adventure.

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