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Best of Luck Nikki (Season 1) Multi Audio (Hindi-Tam-Tel) Episodes [576p]


Dolly creates a video diary for Nikki about their family and life which shows what she might go through in the future so that she can always know how to figure things out when she gets older.

Series Info

📰 Title : Best of Luck Nikki
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2011-16)
📆 Release Date : 3 April 2011
⏰ Runtime : ~22 min
🌐 Network : Disney+ Hotstar
🎭 Genres : Comedy, SitcomTeen sitcom
🏢 Companies : Walt Disney Television Animation
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.4/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt1949650
🍀 Quality : 576p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – English
💳 Credits : TheDNK
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - Study Date

Dolly moves her study date with a cute boy, Ritesh from the library to home because she has to help Avtaar take care of Nikki when Himani goes back to work. Avtaar injures himself falling down the stairs, so Rohan has to take him to the hospital where Himani works, leaving Dolly to watch Nikki.

Episode 2 - Baby Come Back!

Dolly encourages her parents to go out while the kids take care of the baby. Rohan flirts with a cute girl, Punam (Shivani Joshi), while minding Nikki and accidentally brings the wrong baby home. After a failed search, the kids go to tell their parents at a restaurant and find Nikki sitting with the cute girl’s family a few tables over.

Episode 3 - Narendra Tauji - A Cricket Freak

Dolly finds she has an Narendra Tauji (English: uncle her father doesn’t speak of; she visits him and they go to a cricket game, where she realizes why they never got along. Sunny and Rohan try to make money modelling Nikki for a baby store ad.

Episode 4 - Dinku, The Donkey

Himani pressures Dolly to be in the school play, Dinku the Donkey, and she gets the part despite trying to blow the audition. A baby basketball match is set between Nikki and Popi’s nephew.

Episode 5 - Up A Tree!

Roli Aunty agrees to bring her dog inside if Avatar cuts down a tree, but Dolly and Rohan stage a sit-in to save their childhood tree-house. Avatar wages war against his disobedient kids while Himani gives them her support.

Episode 6 - The Curious Case Of Surinder

Dolly is annoyed that her best friend Pam has become “texting buddies” with Himani, so she attempts to bond with Pam’s boring mother. Sunny and Rohan investigate when they mistakenly believe that Roli Aunty has killed her husband.

Episode 7 - Nikki Did It!

Nikki sets off a shoplifting alarm at a drugstore, and she, Sunny, and Nikki are put in holding. Neeti, an awkward girl from Dolly’s school, works there and aids their escape. Rohan and Popi create a jingle for an Avatar Bijlee commercial.

Episode 8 - Dance Off!

Dolly asks Ritesh to the school dance on a double date with Pam and Popi. The boys start a “dance-off” over Dolly, but end up bonding, leaving Dolly feeling left out. Sunny tries to get Himani and Avatar to fight at his PTA meeting to maintain his excuse for not doing homework.

Episode 9 - Boys Meets Girls

Rohan delivers food for Kukkad Nukkad (a chicken restaurant) and falls for a customer, Richa, who he obsesses over, causing friction with Popi. Avatar used to date Richa’s mom, which causes trouble with Himani. Dolly tries to help Sunny with a school bully, Guri, who is actually a girl with a crush on him.

Episode 10 - Nikki Is 1!

On Nikki’s birthday the family reminisce about her birth, three weeks early, and a scramble to get to the hospital. Avatar and Rohan found a bear sleeping in their car and befriend farmers for a ride. Home alone, Sunny has the best unsupervised day of his life until Roli takes him to the hospital. Dolly and Pam, in full costume for a kids’ play, track down Himani’s doctor at his son’s birthday party.

Episode 11 - Billi Butterfly The Cat

Dolly cat-sits for Roli Aunty, whose sister enlists a cat therapist to cheer up the pet. Sunny tells a girl he likes that he’s an only child living with his single mother (to have things in common with her) and enlists Dolly into helping him maintain the facade when she shows up at their busy home.

Episode 12 - Dolly's Little Helper

Dolly tries to impress her Hindi teacher by bringing Nikki to class in costumes for a presentation, but Nikki vomits on the teacher and makes the class sick as well. Himani stands in for Avatar as Sunny’s football coach, and they win their first game ever; the team hires her but her “have fun” approach doesn’t work as well the next game. Meanwhile, Rohan takes Nikki to Nani ghar[HOME] and bonds with the Nani moms.

Episode 13 - Chunni Go Bye Bye

The kids throw a surprise anniversary dinner for their parents, but Nikki loses her blanket and won’t stop crying. Chaos ensues as Rohan gets locked out of the house with Nikki inside. Meanwhile Sunny takes Avtaar and Himani to the movies but Himani gets stuck watching ‘Robot No. 1, a movie she hates.

Episode 14 - Nikki Goes Viral

Rohan makes a viral video of Nikki farting; this attracts the local news where Himani seizes the spotlight and Avatar tries to promote his business. Dolly meets Ritesh’s parents and loves their tidy and quiet house, while in contrast they see the chaotic Farty Nikki newscast.

Episode 15 - Singh's Got Talent

After agreeing to do a routine for the community talent show, Ritesh sees how bad a dancer Dolly is and fakes an injury. Popi abandons a ventriloquist act with Rohan to partner with Dolly, resulting in chaos at the show. Guri convinces Sunny she wants to help him run for class monitor, but instead smears him to bolster her own campaign.

Episode 16 - Kukkad Nukkad

Dolly becomes the new spokes model for Kukkad Nukkad which seems like the perfect job until she realizes how much Rohan wanted the role. Avatar endeavours to capture a mouse and Sunny tries to prank him. Himani takes Nikki to a Music and Me class and gets over-competitive with another mother.

Episode 17 - Girl Bites Dog

Dolly worries about her relationship with Ritesh after Nikki bites his fingerand later Dolly discovers him with another girl, Maya. She dumps him after he lies about it. Sunny tricks Rohan into an unfavourable contract for money to buy an old used car. To teach him a lesson, Himani, Avatar and Rohan try to convince Sunny that the car is haunted.

Episode 18 - Butt Dialing Singhs

Dolly flatters Himani as a “cool mom” so she can attend a midnight movie with Pam, but pocket dials Himani who overhears it was an act. Himani and Pam’s mom get revenge by publicly embarrassing the girls. Rohan pocket-dials his intimidating lab partner, Sandy, who overhears how stupid Rohan thinks he is. Sunny and Avatar assemble Sunny’s new toy helicopter, while Sunny is driven crazy by Nikki’s new toy “Bak Bak Bandar”.

Episode 19 - Dolly's Broken Heart Band

Recovering from her breakup, Dolly befriends Maya and with Pam they make a music video about Ritesh; however, when he stops by to apologize Dolly decides to not upload it. Rohan and Sunny clash over sharing a room, and Sunny decides to sneak into the room Roli Aunty has kept for her son. Himani joins a gym with free babysitting but spends her time at a spa.

Episode 20 - Dolly Rebounds

Kaustubh, a mature 11-year-old boy arrives in the neighbourhood and convinces Dolly to be his date to a cousin’s birthday party. When she learns Ritesh has a new girlfriend, Sheena, Dolly says she is also dating but is caught out. Rohan and Popi add a third member to their band; when Nikki gets him sick, Avatar steps in to perform but takes his role too far.

Episode 21 - Winter Vacation: Part 1

A psychic tells Dolly she will become a film star during the family vacation, and she starts to believe it. Himani and Avatar discover they were never officially married (the judge was a fraud) but Avatar doesn’t want to abandon their planned ski vacation to correct the mistake. Rohan tumbles down a hill to a cabin with two beautiful teen aged girls, which seems like heaven until their seven-foot dad arrives.

Episode 22 - Winter Vacation: Part 2

Dolly is desperate to audition for a movie’s heroine; she ends up stuck with Popi who is part of the film unit. Sunny and Rohan enter a tango competition to make money. Avatar tries to make up with Himani by planning a surprise wedding.

Episode 23 - Nikki In Charge

Sunny and Guri must babysit Nikki while completing a school project. Dolly tricks a fearful Rohan into going to the dentist, but breaks her tooth in the process and is drooling and swollen for her school debate. Avatar tries to surprise Himani with a day spa but needs her help on an emergency extermination call.

Episode 24 - Stolen Bike

When Nikki develops a habit of pushing buttons, Sunny blames her for leaving the garage door open and the theft of his bicycle. For film class, Dolly chooses to reenact her parents telling her they were expecting a baby. Himani gets involved and overdoes it. Popi’s new girlfriend seems to be hitting on Rohan, but she has an identical twin.

Episode 25 - Sleepless In Delhi

Dolly prepares to audition for the school play but Nikki draws in ink all over her face. Nikki refuses to sleep in her first “big girl” bed. Sunny has his first sleepover in a backyard tent, under which the lawn sprinklers go off. Rohan eats too much bacon and has nightmares of becoming fat.

Episode 26 - Dolly's Birthday

Avatar won’t take Dolly to practise driving so she drives Roli Aunty around. They run out of gas then get stuck in the mud, so Dolly comes home a mess and walks into a surprise 17th birthday party. Sunny brings home a huge dog that Himani doesn’t want in the house until she realizes it’s gentle; she’s heartbroken when the dog’s rightful owner collects it.

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