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Doraemon (Season 7) Hindi Episodes [480p]


The story revolves around an earless robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a boy named Nobita Nobi.

Series Info

📰 Title : Doraemon
📺 Type : TVSeries (1979)
📆 Release Date : April 2, 1979
⏰ Runtime : ~23min
🌐 Network : Disney Channel
🎭 Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : Shin-Ei Animation
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.2/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt4083422
🍀 Quality : 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi
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Episode 1 – Environment Screen and Projector! / Soft Toy Camera and Latex!

Doraemon uses the environment screen and projector gadget so that Nobita studies. But instead of studying, Nobita helps a man and makes him complete his homework in return. / Doraemon and Nobita create a miniature movie set and a fire dragon using a camera and the soft toy camera and latex. They make a soft toy of Gian and Suneo and trouble them.
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Episode 2 – My Guardian Angel! / Doctor’s Bag!

Nobita faces a number of misfortunes. So, Doraemon gives him a guardian paper to be protected from any disaster. But, Gian tears the paper and invites trouble for Nobita. / Doraemon gives Nobita a doctor’s bag to cure a sickness. Nobita treats Suneo, Gian and many other children with the medicine. Nobita examines Shizuka and makes her angry.
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Episode 3 – My Paper Craft!

Doraemon orders a paper submarine from the future departmental store. Doraemon and Nobita assemble the parts and experience the feeling of a submarine while being in the air. Gian and Suneo throw stones at the submarine and tear it. The submarine falls into a bonfire and burns.
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Episode 4 – Total Restoration Liquid! / Footprint Jet Spray!

Nobita uses Doraemon’s total restoration liquid on a piece of fossil that was found by Dekisugi. Nobita breaks down when he finds out that a dinosaur’s skeleton has been restored and made Dekisugi famous. / Nobita sprays the footprint jet spray on a mammal’s footprint and brings the mammal alive. But Doraemon uses the reverse footprint spray and saves Nobita from being attacked by the mammal.
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Episode 5 – Indoor Trip Set! / Seeing Robot!

Dorami gives Nobita and Doraemon the heavy or light meter to control Tamako’s weight. But as Tamako doesn’t feel satisfied, Dorami uses the thick glasses to make Tamako look thin and others fat. / Doraemon gets angry at Nobita, Suneo and Gian and hibernates into his hibernation shelter. After they apologise, Doraemon comes out for dinner.
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Episode 6 – Light or Heavy Meter! / Hibernation Shelter!

Doraemon fulfils Nobita’s wish of visiting places with the help of the indoor trip gadget. Nobita watches Shizuka in the bathroom and forgets to turn off the gadget. As a result, Shizuka gets angry at Nobita. / Nobita and Doraemon use the seeing robot to take a decision regarding Shizuka’s gift. Jaiko shows her comic to the robot and takes its opinion about the comic book.
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Episode 7 – Appreciation Machine! / Lying Machine!

Nobita eats Doraemon’s invisible insect pill to gain strength like the insects. He implants features of the insects in him and beats Gian to a pulp. / Suneo and Gian drop Nobita and Doraemon in a pit. So, Doraemon uses the throwing hole and gives Suneo and Gian tit for tat.
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Episode 8 – Invisible Insect Pill! / Throwing Hole!

Nobita wastes food. So, Doraemon uses the appreciation machine to make Nobita understand the importance of food. After starving for a couple of hours, Nobita relishes his dinner. / Nobita uses Doraemon’s lying machine and fools everyone on April Fool’s Day. He fools Tamako by lying to her that she is Nobita. Tamako continues the charade in the night and makes Nobisuke and Nobita prepare dinner.
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Episode 9 – Only For You Gas! / The House Becomes a Robot!

Nobita sprays the ‘only for you gas’ on his comic book, Shizuka and the teacher. As a result, Nobita receives his book from Gian. Shizuka leaves Dekisugi, and the teacher forces Nobita to study. / Gian forces Nobita to manage his house. So, Doraemon uses the house robot, which takes control of the house. The house robot gets angry at Suneo and Gian and throws them out of the house.
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Episode 10 – Speed Intensifying Goggles! / Genius Mushroom Ray!

As Suneo and Gian taunt Nobita for his slow speed, Nobita wears Doraemon’s speed intensifying goggles and experiences fast speed. He gives Suneo’s toy car and the goggles to an injured bike racer so that he enjoys speed. / Doraemon gives Nobita the genius mushroom to pull out someone else’s talent and use it. Nobita extracts an old lady’s judo talent and fights Gian.
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Episode 11 – Pinch Runner! / A Probe Rocket!

As Nobita gets late, Doraemon sticks a pinch runner on Nobita’s shoe and sends it school in place of Nobita. Nobita takes advantage of the gadget and gets into trouble. / Suneo and Gian bet against Nobita in regards to the existence of aliens in a house, at the cost of 100 punches. Nobita gets terrified at the look of an alien’s statue and assumes he lost the bet.
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Episode 12 – High Rise Condo Escape Plan! / SuperDan Play Time Cloth!

Doraemon uses a hand glider and body exchanging wrapper to help Masashi escape from his 12th floor flat and play a baseball match for Gian’s team. Masashi scores a home run, while Gian gets stuck in the trees. / Gian wears a cape and enacts a television artist SuperDan. Nobita wears a SuperDan play time cloth and fights Gian. But, a cat steals Nobita’s cape and escapes using its superpowers.
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Episode 13 – Time Pistol! / Stick it in the Air Glue!

Doraemon uses the almighty cleaner to erase Suneo’s drawings from his book before he could give it to Gian. As Suneo breaks his promise, Doraemon puts back the drawings in his book. / Nobita and his friends plan a hiking trip but the rain creates a barrier. Hence, Doraemon uses the weather box. But, the clear day card gets lost. So, Doraemon gathers the rain clouds in a cloud gathering bucket.
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Episode 14 – Almighty Cleaner! / Weather Card!

Doraemon uses the time pistol to force Nobita to study. Nobita misuses the gadget on others. In a tussle with Doraemon, Nobita targets the dining table and sends the food to the future for 30 minutes. / Nobita learns about the stick it in the air glue and removing spray and uses it to go up in the sky. Unfortunately, he drops the removing spray and gets stranded in the sky in the bad weather.
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Episode 15 – Counsellor to Progress! / Guard Medal!

After losing a baseball match against Tyrano, Nobita uses the counsellor to progress gadget that directs him to a baseball pitcher. Nobita and Tyrano satisfy the boy’s needs in order to get him on their teams. / Doraemon places a guard medal on Nobita’s locket that was gifted by Nobisuke. The medal protects Nobita from Suneo and Gian. But they learn about the gadget and conspire against Nobita.
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Episode 16 – Diving in Town! / Fairytale Goods Box!

Doraemon uses the water simulating pump and other gadgets and creates a set up for scuba diving. Nobita, Shizuka and Doraemon experience a real shark. But, Shizuka shoots the shock gun and puts the shark down. / Nobita offers Suneo, Gian and Shizuka clothes of the Jizo statues from Doraemon’s fairytale goods box. In return for the favour, Suneo, Gian and Shizuka entertain Nobita in the night.
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Episode 17 – Tunnelling Cushion! / Nobita’s Timer!

Nobita and his friends have a competition of sitting in one position for one hour. Nobita uses Doraemon’s tunnelling cushion and wins the competition with ease. / On seeing Doraemon use his copy to remind him of his schedule, Nobita also prepares a timetable and instructs his copy from the time machine to remind him of his schedule. But, Nobita’s copy lands Nobita into trouble.
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Episode 18 – A Scarf to Exact Revenge! / Possibility Predictor!

Nobita takes a scarf from Doraemon to exact revenge on Gian and Suneo. Gian gets troubled by Nobita’s ghost, but Suneo makes fun of it. The ghost gets annoyed at Nobita and pesters him. / Nobita uses Doraemon’s possibility predictor to know about his future. He feels disappointed when the gadget gives a negative answer. But, Doraemon makes Nobita understand that efforts decide one’s success.
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Episode 19 – Changing Mirror! / Being a Brother is Tough!

Nobita makes fun of Gian’s cap. To escape Gian’s wrath, Doraemon gives Nobita a changing mirror. Nobita changes his look with Shizuka and the teacher and manages to trick Suneo and Gian. / Gian forces Nobita to read Jaiko’s comic. Doraemon gets worried for Dorami, who is hospitalized. On seeing a brother’s concern for his sister, Nobita reads Jaiko’s comic and gives his opinion to Gian.
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Episode 20 – Lost Article Return Spray! / Reminder Hammer!

Nobita notices rhinoceros beetles in Suneo’s video. But, on reaching the spot, he finds excess garbage and no beetles. Nobita uses the lost article spray on the garbage and returns it to its owner. / Gian expresses a wish of knowing about a girl from his kindergarten days. He uses Doraemon’s reminder hammer and recalls that the girl was Nobita. The two remember the old days and play cheerfully.
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Episode 21 – Seal Space Probe! / Satellite Lift!

Nobita gets upset with Shizuka because she spends her time with Dekisugi. However, he gets surprised and emotional when Shizuka and Dekisugi bake a cake for Nobita on his birthday. / Doraemon uses the satellite lift to reach Nobita to school on time. Tamako touches the gadget and changes the setting of the satellite. Due to which, Nobita rotates in a far-off place above the sea.
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Episode 22 – Payback Hands! / Sea Bathing in Deep Space!

Nobita wears the payback hands to teach Gian and Suneo a lesson. Tamako, Gian, Shizuka, the teacher, Suneo and his cousin along with a thief face the effect of the payback hands. / Doraemon uses the stationary satellite and electrical transmission pump in the space to create a star that looks like Enoshima beach. While Nobita swims using an oxygen candy, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka hardly enjoy.
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Episode 23 – Changeable Calendar! / Weather Deciding Table!

Nobita changes the climates using the changing calendar. Doraemon uses the disaster experiencing simulator and projects the consequences of changing climates on the earth, to make Nobita realise his mistake. / Nobita uses the weather deciding table to change the weather as per his choice. Eventually, he faces a dilemma while catering to everyone’s weather needs.
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Episode 24 – Reality Picture Book! / Pet Hotline!

Nobita uses Doraemon’s reality picture book and finds Shizuka’s canary bird Peeko and Suneo’s helicopter. Through the picture reality book, Nobita watches Tamako stranded without an umbrella and reaches out to help her. / Nobita and Doraemon open a pet hotline to solve pet problems. The translation of the dog language helps Muku solve his problem with Gian and strengthen his bond with him.
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Episode 25 – Animal Reincarnation Egg! / A Suspense in the Tiger Mask!

Nobita brings home a lost cat. So, Doraemon uses the animal reincarnation egg and transforms Nobita into the same cat to impress Tamako. Tamako gets impressed by the real cat and pampers it. / Doraemon and Nobita go into the future to break the suspense of the Tiger Mask comic. The author of the comic pleads to Doraemon and Nobita to purchase the future edition and write it for them.
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Episode 26 – Nobitas Great Escape! / 3D Planetarium!

Gian announces a reward of 10 comic books to find Nobita, as he breaks Kaminari’s window. Doraemon, with the help of the patrolling pair, the display map and obstacle chips, directs Nobita’s to a safe path. / Suneo lies to his cousin about his skills as a pitcher. So, in order to create Suneo’s good impression, Doraemon uses the 3D planetarium to divert Gian’s attention from baseball to singing.
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Episode 27 – Encyclopedia of the Universe! / Time Dust Cloth!

Nobita uses the encyclopedia of the universe terminal to complete his homework. To save Nobita from Gian’s wrath, Doraemon uses the gadget to identify the winner of the baseball match. Gian grows flowering plants under the light poles. He notices footprints on the soil and suspects his friends. On using Doraemon’s time dust cloth, everyone finds out that Nobita is the culprit.
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Episode 28 – Anyone Can Become an Immortal Sage Kit! / Enjoy the Ocean with the Moving House Mat!

Nobita feels depressed as his friends refuse to take him for camping. So, Nobita takes the immortal sage kit from Doraemon and takes training from a doll sage to acquire the supernatural powers. / As Nobita wishes to visit the beach with Nobisuke, Doraemon uses the Ôenjoy the ocean with moving house mat’ and shifts the position of the house alongside the ocean.
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Episode 29 – Defender of Justice Patrol Car! / Immunity Spray!

Nobita, Suneo and few others use Doraemon’s defender of justice patrol car and exact revenge from Gian. The car follows Nobita and Doraemon and beats Nobita every time he makes a mistake. / / Nobita, Suneo and Shizuka use the immunity spray to stay immune in the haunted house. Gian uses the spray on himself. But the effect of the spray fades, and Gian gets a real beating from his mother.
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Episode 30 – Find the Badge! / Getting Revenge From the Magic Hands!

A thief steals a child’s badges. While all suspect Nobita and Doraemon to be the culprits, the two of them prove that Muku is the thief of the badges. / / Doraemon gives Nobita the magic hands so that he exacts his revenge from Gian. However, Nobita misuses the gadget to trouble the people around him. So, Doraemon uses another gadget and gives Nobita a beating.
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Episode 31 – Food Visualisation Gas! / Everything Overboard!

As Tamako fails to prepare French food due to lack of ingredients, Doraemon, Nobita and Tamako use the food visualisation gas and fill their stomachs with the visuals of the French food. / / Doraemon challenges Nobita to wear the everything overboard coat. Due to the coat, Nobita sees everything extreme and adventurous.
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Episode 32 – Pet Cream! / Secret Videos!

Nobita applies a pet cream on a rock and makes it his pet. Suneo applies the cream on a big stone and invites troubles when his pet hugs him in love. / / Suneo creates an embarrassing video of Nobita and shows it to all his friends. Hence, Doraemon uses the secret video player and camera to capture Suneo and the other friend’s reactions and create a video.
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Episode 33 - Raw Material Light! / Mom is a Werewolf!

Nobita uses Doraemon’s sample gadgets and goes into the future with Shizuka. Suneo and Gian also follow. With no way back, Doraemon invites the future Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo for help. / / Tamako applies Doraemon’s werewolf cream and goes out to meet her friend. Doraemon follows Tamako and keeps her away from things that are round. However, she sees herself in the mirror and faints.
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Episode 34 - Radio Controlled Toys! / Body Pump!

As Suneo tears Nobita’s paper plane with his helicopter, Shizuka, Doraemon and Nobita use the radio-controlled parts and make toys out of it to teach Gian and Suneo a lesson. / / Doraemon gives Nobita a body pump. Nobita turns into a huge monster and threatens Suneo and Gian as a monster. However, Gian and Suneo find out Nobita’s prank and chase him.
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Episode 35 - Climate Concentrator! / Favouritism Badge!

Doraemon and Nobita use the climate concentrator to collect snow around their house. They invite Shizuka and the other friend and enjoy the snow. However, when Suneo uses the gadget, his house gets covered with rainwater. / / As Suneo pretends to be na•ve to gain appreciation, Gian and Nobita wear the favouritism badges to lower Suneo’s image and gain appreciation from others.
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Episode 36 - Red Light Green Light Cap! / Am I Invisible?

The teacher seizes Suneo’s comic book. So, Doraemon gives Nobita the red light green light cap to secretly take the book from the teacher. / / Nobita puts Doraemon’s eye drops in his eyes assuming that it will make him invisible. Nobita enters Gian’s house and erases the cartoon from his comic book. But, Gian notices Nobita and beats him.
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Episode 37 - Gian and Jaiko! / Montage Bucket!

On Gian’s request, Doraemon uses the tinned room to help Jaiko complete her comic assignment. The topic of the comic brings tears to Gian’s eyes as it relates to a brother’s love for his sister. / / An unknown man visits Nobi’s residence and enquires about the family. Doraemon uses the montage bucket and changes Nobita’s face to the unknown person’s face and finds out that he is a criminal.
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Episode 38 - Swapping Moulds! / Miniature Satellite!

To escape Gian’s wrath, Nobita places a red swapping mole on a girl and the black one on Gian. Gian imitates the girl and calms his anger. The red mole gets placed on Tamako’s face. Gian scolds Nobita like Tamako and drags him home. / / Doraemon and Nobita launch the communication satellite, the weather satellite and the attack satellite. In the night, the three satellites fall back on earth.
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Episode 39 - Happiness Heart Warmer! / The IF Phone!New

As Nobita feels depressed by his life, Doraemon places a heart warmer on Nobita’s body to make him feel happy. Suneo, Gian and others beat Nobita to a pulp. But yet, Nobita smiles and stays happy. / / Nobita uses Doraemon’s IF phone and challenges Suneo and Gian’s talents. Nobita wins the challenge and makes Suneo and Gian walk the streets naked.
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Episode 40 - Hardship Meter! / ESP Cap!New

Doraemon tells Nobita about the hardship meter that pays money to the person who takes a beating or a scolding. But, instead of earning money, Nobita breaks the gadget and gets attacked by a dog brutally. / / Nobita and his friends decide to showcase their hidden talents at the Christmas party. Nobita wears Doraemon’s ESP cap and appears naked in front of his friends.
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Episode 41 - Nobitas Prophetic Dream Saves the World! / Backwards Calendar!New

Nobita eats Doraemon’s prophetic dream candy and sees a prophetic dream about aliens. In reality, the aliens enter Nobita’s body and spread deadly bacteria. But Doraemon saves Nobita and the earth. / / To enjoy the New Year holidays again, Nobita uses the backward calendar and turns back to 1st of January. But, Nobita’s fear of Gian forces him to change the calendar to 31st of December.
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Episode 42 - Angkor Hundred Wat! / Simple Surf Board!New

Nobita and his friends use Doraemon’s Angkor Hundred Wat gadget and discover a dinosaur fossil. However, that turns out to be an ancient boat. In spite of that, they receive appreciation for the discovery. / / Suneo takes Shizuka and Gian to an island for surfing. Nobita learns surfing through Doraemon’s simple surfboard and saves Gian, Shizuka and Suneo from drowning in the legendary waves.
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Episode 43 - Memorable Experience Album! / Sky Garden!New

Nobita and his friends use the memorable experience album and take a real-life experience of adventure in the North Pole while they risk their lives to survive the polar bear. / / Doraemon uses the sky garden and creates a beautiful garden in the sky. He gathers the rain clouds into a cloud gathering bucket. Gian releases the rain clouds and causes the rain to melt the sky garden.
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Episode 44 - Seathing Bathing in a Mansion Kit! / Mirror of True Feelings!New

Doraemon uses the sea bathing in a mansion kit and gives Nobita and Nobisuke an experience of sea bathing. They visit the Mediterranean island with the anywhere door. Doraemon and Nobita leave Nobisuke on the island and return home. / / Nobita and his friends use the true feelings mirror and find out the true feelings of the teacher in regards to teaching and his transfer to another place.
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Episode 45 - Savings Bank! / How About the Nobita Express!New

Gian and his friends use Doraemon’s savings bank to collect money and buy a soccer ball. But, Gian feeds in the target of Rs 50,000 and regrets his decision. / / Nobita and Doraemon start Nobita Express, to deliver items. Nobita sends the delivery robot to Gian to get Suneo’s book from him. As Gian breaks the robot, Suneo loses his hope of getting his comic book.
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Episode 46 - Consequence Diary! / Mr Mood Maker!New

Nobita uses Doraemon’s consequence diary to know about his activities and to amend it as per his convenience. However, he later realises that it was a dream and no such gadget exists. / / Doraemon uses the mood maker to convince Nobita to bring eggs from the market. Due to the gadget, Nobita feels determined. He goes to a faraway poultry farm and brings home a box of eggs.
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Episode 47 - Gossip Spray! / Restoration Light!New

As Shizuka expresses a wish of hearing the flowers talk, Nobita takes the gossip spray from Doraemon and sprays it on the flowers and makes them sing. Doraemon uses the spray on Nobita’s study material and makes him study. / / Doraemon uses the restoration light to restore the scratches on Nobisuke’s old record and the love between Tamako and Nobisuke.
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Episode 48 - Ring Toss of Friends! / You Are the Star Badge!New

A new student named Saboshima refuses to play or talk with anyone. Nobita uses the ring toss of friends on Saboshima’s dog and makes Saboshima his friend. / / Doraemon gives Nobita the story experience set and the Ôyou are the star badge’. Nobita and his friends enter the Peter Pan story and defeat Captain Hook.
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Episode 49 - Real Thing Dictionary! / Future Playhouse sheet!New

Suneo and Gian challenge Nobita to bring anything that represents autumn. So, Nobita goes in search of the seven plants of autumn and finds them. / / Doraemon offers the future playhouse sheet to two young children, to create a friendly bond between them. Suneo also uses the gadget to resolve the fight between his parents and unite them.
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Episode 50 - Nobita, the Great Detective! / A Great Adventure With Mini Doraemon!New

Nobita takes up the case of finding Suneo’s stolen poster. Doraemon and Nobita go back into the past through the time machine and realise that it was them who stole the poster. / / Suneo leaves his pet hamster with Nobita, but the hamster escapes. As Doraemon is afraid of rats, he appoints Mini Doraemon to help Nobita. Together, they walk through an adventure to find the hamster.
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Episode 51 - Snake Rope of Justice! / Sympathy Antenna!New

Gian threatens Nobita that he will beat him if he does not invite 100 people to his music concert. So, Doraemon uses the snake-rope of justice, which punishes everyone who makes a mistake or tells a lie. / / Nobita feels sad as no one sympathises with him. So, Doraemon gives Nobita the sympathy antenna. Soon, Nobita gains so much sympathy that he fails to digest it.
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Episode 52 - Rodeo Saddle! / Seven-fall Ladybug!New

Doraemon gives Nobita the rodeo saddle to ride a horse with ease and impress his friends. Nobita also uses the rodeo saddle to move a whale back into the water. / / Gian chases Nobita. So, Doraemon gives Nobita the seven-fall ladybug, which drops Gian into the water. On seeing Nobita’s concern for him, Gian promises Nobita that he will not hurt him anymore.
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