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Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2) Hindi Episodes [1080p]


Don’t call them sidekicks! Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.

Series Info

📰 Title : Young Justice: Invasion
🍂 Season : 02
📺 Type : TVSeries (2010)
📆 Release Date : 28 April 2012
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Cartoon Network
🎭 Genres : Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime, Superhero, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.6/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt1641384
🍀 Quality : 1080p
🎧 Audio : Hindi [Org. AMZN Audio] 💳 Credits : Telly
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Episode 1 – Happy New Year

Five years on from the events of the first season, the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo arrives on Earth and is confronted by Team members Batgirl and Wonder Girl… but his arrival is only the prelude to a greater threat.
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Episode 2 – Earthlings

Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. Following a battle, Miss Martian incapacitates a Krolotean and uncovers the truth about what the six Justice League members did during their missing 16 hours.[21]
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Episode 3 – Alienated

Members of both the Team and League investigate a Krolotean island, but are discovered and a fight ensues, during which the enemy is revealed to be Aqualad, who left the team in anger after his sweetheart, Tula (who went by the superheroine name “Aquagirl”), had tragically died when they were unable to save her. In addition, Aqualad came to the revelation that his biological father is none other than the villainous Black Manta.
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Episode 4 – Salvage

Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper, Green Arrow, and Black Canary reach out to Red Arrow, who has fallen into despair over his failed quest to find the original Roy Harper. Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere track Intergang leader, Bruno Mannheim, and his lieutenant, Whisper A’Daire, to the Hall of Justice, where the criminals reanimate the four Appellaxians into one Appellaxian Golem, which then attacks a nuclear power plant.
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Episode 5 – Beneath

Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend, Tye, before he boards a bus, but the boy is abducted before Jaime can reach him. Meanwhile, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee are en route to Bialya.
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Episode 6 – Bloodlines

A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash (Barry Allen). The boy, Bart Allen/Impulse, soon gatecrashes the Garricks’ wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity.
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Episode 7 – Depths

At Nightwing’s request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris’s communications satellites, which Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy. The Team soon find themselves up against Aqualad, who fails to destroy the rocket, but kills Artemis with his water sword.
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Episode 8 – Satisfaction

After recuperating in the hospital, Roy Harper seeks vengeance against Lex Luthor, who ruined his life the day when he was taken down during a stakeout on LexCorp. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost.
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Episode 9 – Darkest

Aqualad, Tigress (a disguised Artemis), Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins are sent by Black Manta to capture Blue Beetle for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to Impulse’s interference. However, Kaldur’s tracking device (stolen by Impulse during the fight) remotely deactivates all security at the Cave, and Aqualad’s team launches another attack.[24]
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Episode 10 – Before the Dawn

Nightwing leads the Team on a mission to rescue its members from The Light’s Partner: an alien race known as the Reach. Aqualad (now officially affiliated with the Light) learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test an ordinary human’s ability to develop metahuman abilities naturally.
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Episode 11 – Cornered

Despero, on the advice of his majordomo, L-Ron, sets his sights on Earth’s champions. He attacks the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings.
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Episode 12 – True Colors

Bumblebee and the Atom try to remove the Scarab from Jaime’s (Blue Beetle’s) back but find that its defenses are too strong. Afterwards, Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Arsenal are sent undercover to investigate LexCorp’s new partnership with the Reach, crop additives being tested in Smallville.
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Episode 13 – the Fix

Tigress intervenes before Psimon can enter Kaldur’s mind and discover their secret; she drugs him, but he discovers her true identity before passing out. She persuades Black Manta that she ought to kidnap Miss Martian in order to force her to fix the damage she has done, and Manta sends Deathstroke to accompany her.
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Episode 14 – the Runaways

Four of the super-powered former Reach abductees (consisting of Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Asami “Sam” Koizumi, and Eduardo “Ed” Dorado Jr.) escape from the League’s Taos base after being put through endless metagene training exercises. Nightwing sends Blue Beetle to track them down, and Jaime reveals his secret identity to them in order to get them on his side.
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Episode 15 – War

At the Justice League’s trial on Rimbor, Vandal Savage manipulates Mongul into taking action against the Reach. The Justice League and Nightwing learn that something is fast approaching the Earth.
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Episode 16 – Complications

Nightwing arrives on the War World to inquire about the Team’s disappearance, but Blue Beetle covers his tracks by insisting that a boom tube opened which sucked in everyone except for himself. Meanwhile, Artemis, M’gann and Aqualad (who has been cured but is playing possum) are stalling for time to try to figure out how to save her life.
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Episode 17 – the Hunt

Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach’s forces. Lex Luthor encourages the runaways to rescue the Team from the Reach, and provides them with a Father Box which transports them to the War World.
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Episode 18 – Intervention

With the help of Green Beetle, Black Beetle is able to defeat Mongul and imprison him again. They discover that the War World key has been stolen, while in Bludhaven, the Team return to base and realize that they need to turn their attention to saving Blue Beetle.
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Episode 19 – Summit

The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the fore, Ra’s al Ghul notices the glamor charm on Tigress’s neck and exposes her as Artemis, leading Deathstroke to execute both her and Kaldur.
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Episode 20 – Endgame

The council of Rimbor judges the Justice League to be guilty but Superboy and Miss Martian provide new evidence which sways their decision. Meanwhile, around the Earth, twenty Reach devices begin to damage the Earth’s magnetic field, causing various types of natural disasters.
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Season 2 Completed


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