The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Season 1) Multi Audio (Hindi-English-Chinese) Episodes [1080p & 720p]


Wang Ling is a high school student with a cool and carefree demeanor. Coming off as someone with a very low spiritual force, he actually possesses a power capable of destroying the world at a moment’s notice. To mitigate the volatile force within him, his parents have resorted to using an amulet as a temporary solution. However, the amulet weakens over time and Wang Ling’s emotions also accelerate its deterioration. Now with the amulet on the verge of breaking, Wang Ling and his father race against time in order to fix it.

Series Info

📰 Title : Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo (The Daily Life of the Immortal King)
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2020-)
📆 Release Date : Jan 18, 2020
⏰ Runtime : ~19 min
🌐 Network : Crunchyroll
🎭 Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
🏢 Companies : Haoliners Animation League, BiliBili
📚 Content Rating : PG-13
✨ MAL Rating : 7.33
🆔 MAL ID : 41094
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Chinese – English – Hindi
💬 Subtitles : English, 8 more
🖥️ Trailer : Click Here


Episode 1 - Wang Ling's Triple Kill of Tuntian-ha

Wang Ling is rookie at the Songhai School. With only 5 points of spiritual strength, he will have to face some problems.
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Episode 2 - A Fair and Just Class President Election

Sun Rong and Chen Chao compete for the position of student president of the elite class. Will Sun Rong be able to pull it off with an enchantment?
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Episode 3 - How to Make an Origin Fostering Pill

In the elite class, students learn how to make vitality pulls. Although the others use wacky ovens or cauldrons, Wang Ling decides to use a microwave.
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Episode 4 - What Should I Do When the Goddess Forces Me on a Date

Sun Rong asks Wang Ling out on a special date. But what she doesn’t know is that two killers will try to spoil her fun.
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Episode 5 - The Three Brothers of Shadow Stream

The killers return to attack the school. But this time the school is prepared to face any threat. However, the attack of the three brothers is too powerful.
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Episode 6 - B++ is the Best Language in the World

Wang Ling comes out first in the national power test and decides to infiltrate the system to change his score.
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Episode 7 - 18 Tips for Maintaining a Spiritual Sword

Wang Ling will participate in the interschool sword competition with his friends against his rival, the 59th school.
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Episode 8 - Like Master, Like Sword

Wang Ling doesn’t want to participate in the competition and looks for the perfect moment to pretend to feel bad. When his amulet is about to break, Wang Ling’s health is in danger of seriously deteriorating.
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Episode 9 - Master of the Shadow Stream

Wang Ling needs his father to come to his aid or disaster is imminent. While he waits, Wang Ling runs into a dangerous female leader in the halls of School 59.
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Episode 10 - Drive! Drive! Drive!

The amulet is broken and now Wang Ling must control his emotions on his own. Meanwhile, Sun Rong is ready to help her most important friend.
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Episode 11 - The Aohai Rondo

Wang Ling tries to keep a low profile now that his amulet is broken. At the Water Alter, Sun Rong confronts Tang Jingze.
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Episode 12 - A Dog is a Man's Best Friend

As Wang Ling begins to lose control, Toad jumps on top of him and absorbs his negative energy. At that moment, something amazing happens that gives Wang Ling the ability to use his strength without restraint from him.
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Episode 13 - Let Us Burn!!

Tang Jingze’s spirit sword engages Sun Rong and destroys his weapon. Wang Ling’s father implores them to stop the competition before someone gets hurt.
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Episode 14 - Accident

The competition comes to an end. The leader of the League of Shadows attacks and Wang Ling finally loses control.
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Episode 15 - Helplessness of the Immortal King

Wang Ling quickly realizes his mistake: not having stopped the leader of the League of Shadows sooner, so he decides to take the risk once more.
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