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Pokemon (Season 3) The Johto Journeys Dual Audio (Hindi-Eng) Episodes [480p]


The Orange League beckons and Ash answers the call, taking on the Orange Crew and their leader, Drake. Upon returning to Pallet Town, Ash and Misty reunite with Brock and set out on the next stage of their Pokémon journey—the Johto region! Though he still has an errand to run for Professor Oak, Ash jumps with both feet into the Johto League, taking on a couple of Gym Leaders and adding Pokémon like Totodile and Chikorita to his team.

Series Info

📰 Title : Pokémon: The Johto Journeys
🍂 Season : 03
📺 Type : TVSeries (1999)
📆 Release Date : 1999 (in Hindi 2004 CN, 2014 – Hungama TV)
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : VootKids
🎭 Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : The Pokémon Company
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 7.5/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0168366
🍀 Quality : 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English [Org. VootKids Audio] 
💳 Credits : VivekDarji
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - The Pokémon Water War

On the next island, Ash and his friends see a team of firefighters consisting of Squirtles, Wartortles, and Blastoises. Eager to test its skills, Ash’s Squirtle get to train with them. But when an actual fire turns up, training has to become reality.

Episode 2 - Pokémon Food Fight

While in a battle, Ash accidentally breaks Snorlax’s Pokéball. With the Pokémon Center on the other side of the island, Ash and his friends have to get Snorlax there. And to make matters worse, Team Rocket arrive and are hoarding the island’s food ransom until they get Pikachu.

Episode 3 - Pokémon Double Trouble

On Kumquat Island, Ash discovers Luana, the final Orange Island Gym Leader, who mistakes him for her son. After defending the island from Team Rocket, they head to the Gym to have a Double Battle where Pikachu and Charizard battle against Marowak and Alakazam but Pikachu’s and Charizard’s unwillingness to work together might end up costing Ash his chance of qualifying for the Orange League.

Episode 4 - The Wacky Watcher

On Rind Island, Tracey meets Dr. Quackenpoker, a noted Pokémon Watcher who is doing a study on the Magikarp that climb up waterfalls and how they evolve into Gyarados. However, Team Rocket appears to steal the Magikarp and get them to evolve.

Episode 5 - The Stun Spore Detour

On Tiny Island, Ash and Tracey get affected by Stun Spore leaving it up to Misty to get an antidote to heal them. Can Misty find it with the help of her new Poliwag?

Episode 6 - Hello Pummelo

Having arrived on Pumello Island, Ash finally gets the chance to battle the Orange League leader and Champion, Drake in a full six-on-six Pokémon battle, only to discover that the battle may prove to be the toughest one he’s ever had.

Episode 7 - Enter the Dragonite

Ash continues his fight against Drake in hopes of becoming the Orange League Champion and earning a place in the Orange League Hall of Fame but things hit a snag when Drake brings out his final Pokémon—the legendary Dragonite whose overwhelming strength and powerful attacks are a force to be reckoned—causing Ash to realize that his dream of becoming Orange League Champion may not become a reality after all.

Episode 8 - Viva Las Lapras

Having been crowned the Orange League Champion after winning his battle against Drake, Ash and the team are heading back to Pallet Town in Kanto but their plans get derailed when Lapras finally discovers its family, only for everyone to realize that Lapras’s pack want nothing to do with Ash’s Lapras now that it has gotten involved with humans. Ash, Misty and Tracey soon learn that a group of pirates and their Tentacruel are attacking Lapras’s group and when the bullying starts up again, with Tracey having gone to alert Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty decide to get into the fight, vowing to stop the pirates once for all.

Episode 9 - The Underground Round Up

Having to travel by boat, Ash and his friends arrive on Hamlin Island, their final stop before returning to Kanto to discover that the town is being attacked by hundreds of Electrode. A man named Poncho is trying to stop them with his Diglett.

Episode 10 - A Tent Situation

They’re back in Pallet Town. When they get home, they discover Brock is back and he won’t explain why he left Valencia Island. However, as usual, Team Rocket try to steal all of the Pokémon in Oak’s lab by vacuuming all the Pokéballs, including the GS Ball that Oak was working on. Can they get it back?

Episode 11 - The Rivalry Revival

After Gary saves the day against Team Rocket, Ash decides to challenge him where Pikachu is against Eevee. However, Gary wins the battle. Ash is depressed, but goes to follow Gary to Johto in order to beat him once and for all. Tracey decides to stay in Pallet Town, so he can be Professor Oak’s assistant. In the end, Brock rejoins the group and they head off to Johto.

Episode 12 - Don't Touch That 'dile

Ash begins his journey in Johto, a largely unexplored region said to be thickly populated with Pokémon entirely new to him and his friends.

Episode 13 - The Double Trouble Header

In a Pokémon battle, Ash soundly defeats an ambitious young Trainer, who runs away dejectedly.

Episode 14 - A Sappy Ending

Ash and friends discover a forest where invading Pinsir are causing heavy deforestation.

Episode 15 - Roll On, Pokémon!

Ash and friends stumble into a small valley where Donphan are used to harvest precious stones.

Episode 16 - Illusion Confusion!

Who would be foolish enough to brave a thick forest in the dead of night without a Hoothoot guide? Certainly not Ash Ketchum…

Episode 17 - Flower Power

Our heroes must help prepare an insecure Bellossom dance troupe for their upcoming exhibition.

Episode 18 - Spinarak Attack

Ash and friends reach a new town and hear of three mysterious robbers apparently mimicking the crimes of a legendary master thief.

Episode 19 - Snubbull Snobbery

With pet food prepared by a French chef, rooms of WalkMaster exercise equipment and closets stocked with the latest in Pokémon fashion, life couldn’t be much better for a Palm Hills Snubbull.

Episode 20 - The Little Big Horn

Brock saves a lost and frightened Stantler fawn and carefully nurses it back to health before releasing it.

Episode 21 - The Chikorita Rescue

Ash encounters a wild Chikorita and engages it in battle, thinking to add it to his team.

Episode 22 - Once in a Blue Moon

Professor Oak’s errand—to deliver the mysterious GS Ball to a Poké Ball expert—is interrupted when a Quagsire with a penchant for spherical objects steals the GS ball for use in a nocturnal ritual.

Episode 23 - The Whistle Stop

When Team Rocket attacks Ash and his friends, a brave young Trainer and her flock of Ledyba come to the rescue.

Episode 24 - Ignorance is Blissey

Team Rocket can’t believe their luck when the Blissey employed in a Pokémon Center willingly gives them the cente’s entire food supply.

Episode 25 - A Bout with Sprout

Our heroes are recruited as guest instructors at a youth Pokémon Academy.

Episode 26 - Fighting Flyer with Fire

With Pikachu’s help, Ash is confident that winning the Zephyr badge will be a breeze.

Episode 27 - For Crying Out Loud

Cute and cuddly is one thing, but a bawling Marill is too much even for Misty.

Episode 28 - Tanks a Lot!

Team Rocket’s most recent super vehicle, the Arbotank, is their ticket to world domination.

Episode 29 - Charizard's Burning Ambitions

When Ash hears of the nearby Charicific Valley, he is sure a quick trip would be just the thing to reignite his Charizard’s flagging spirits.

Episode 30 - Grin to Win!

The annual Sunflora contest is only a day away and yet our hero’s new friend and Sunflora Trainer is unable to convince her star Pokémon to compete.

Episode 31 - Chikorita's Big Upset

A severe case of rivalry between Pikachu and Chikorita calls for therapy sessions with Nurse Joy.

Episode 32 - Foul Weather Friends

Our heroes chance upon a Hoppip—the fluffy “Cottonweed” Pokémon that is able to drift for miles on a passing wind.

Episode 33 - The Superhero Secret

When Ash and friends wander into town, they bring with them a challenge that threatens to be Gligarman’s last—Team Rocket.

Episode 34 - Mild 'n Wooly

Team Rocket comes in sheep’s clothing to relieve a kind Poké-shepherd of her Mareep flock.

Episode 35 - Wired for Battle!

When the most promising trainee at a Pokémon dojo abandons battle altogether, it’s up to Ash and friends to convince him that battling is more than just a matter of probability.

Episode 36 - Good 'Quil Hunting

With Charizard gone and no fire Pokémon to call his own, Ash is overjoyed to come across a Cyndaquil in the wild.

Episode 37 - A Shadow of a Drought

Ash carelessly makes enemies of the Slowpoke-worshipping residents of a town.

Episode 38 - Going Apricorn!

Ash delivers the mysterious GS Ball to a renowned Pokémon expert, but Team Rocket wreaks trouble when they attempt to harvest the Apricorns essential to local Poké Ball production.

Episode 39 - Gettin' the Bugs Out

When Ash reaches the Hive Gym, he has just the Pokémon to challenge the Gym Leader’s Bug Pokémon.

Episode 40 - A Farfetch'd Tale

An inexperienced young Trainer mistakenly scares off his own Farfetch’d.

Episode 41 - Tricks of the Trade

At the Pokémon Swap Meet, our heroes befriend a young Pokémon trainer who’s having difficulties finding a trading partner willing to accept his Wobbuffet. When Jessie inadvertently deposits her Poké Ball across from his in the exchanger, this young trainer gets more than he had bargained for.

Episode 42 - The Fire-ing Squad!

Rocket attempts to steal all the water Pokémon from the annual Fire and Rescue Grand Prix.

Episode 43 - No Big Woop!

Ash and friends enthusiastically volunteer to watch over a troubled trainer’s school of Wooper.

Episode 44 - Tunnel Vision

While Ash and friends deliberate on how to pass through a tunnel replete with Onix, two wandering Pokémon arrive on the scene together.

Episode 45 - Hour of the Houndour

Investigating a string of mysterious thefts, our heroes discover a pack of Houndour, struggling to survive in the wild.

Episode 46 - The Totodile Duel

Ash and Misty’s friendly rivalry is tested when they both try to capture a Totodile at the same time. Unable to determine whose Poké Ball had captured the wild Pokémon, the two must battle it out to determine the Totodile’s new master.

Episode 47 - Hot Matches!

When Ash and friends hear of a virtually undefeatable trainer operating nearby, they seek her out.

Episode 48 - Love, Totodile Style

Ash’s Totodile falls head over tail for a passing Azumarill, but is still unsuccessful in having its feelings requited when Team Rocket kidnap the Pokémon before Totodile’s eyes.

Episode 49 - Fowl Play!

Ash has his sights set on a rare and brightly-colored Noctowl.

Episode 50 - Forest Grumps

When an Ursaring attack leaves Team Rocket and our heroes in compromising positions, compromise they do, members of each team being paired with members of the other.

Episode 51 - The Psychic Sidekicks!

Our heroes come to a town whose residents all raise Psychic Pokémon to repel the Ghost Pokémon that lurk nearby

Episode 52 - The Fortune Hunters

A Pokémon Fortune Telling boom turns out to be a Team Rocket plot to steal Pokémon from local trainers.

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