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Teen Titans Go! (Season 1) Dual Audio (Hindi-Eng) Episodes [540p]


Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that follows the adventures of the young Titans: Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire. They reside in Jump City when they are not saving the world while living together as teenagers without adults who intrude. Unlike most of the other superhero series, the situations are comic, crazy and parodic.

Series Info

πŸ“° Title : Teen Titans Go!
πŸ‚ Season : 1
πŸ“Ί Type : TVSeries (2013)
πŸ“† Release Date : April 23, 2013
⏰ Runtime : ~22 min
🌐 Network : Cartoon Network / Netflix
🎭 Genres : Action, Comedy, Superhero
🏒 Companies : CN Studios
πŸ“š Content Rating : PG
✨ IMDb Rating : 5.4/10.0
πŸ†” IMDb ID : tt2771780
πŸ€ Quality : 540p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English [Org. NF Audio]Β 
πŸ’¬ Subtitles : English
πŸ–₯️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 01 – Legendary Sandwich / Pie Bros

Raven has the guys hunt for ingredients for a legendary magical sandwich; Beast Boy takes a job at a pie shop so he can buy Cyborg a birthday gift.

Episode 02 – Driver’s Ed / Dog Hand

Robin unwittingly becomes part of a heist during his driver’s ed test; Raven’s supervillain dad has ulterior motives for befriending the other Titans.

Episode 03 – Double Trouble / The Date

Cyborg and Beast Boy stir up trouble by cloning themselves to avoid doing chores; Robin kidnaps Speedy to keep him from going on a date with Starfire.

Episode 04 – Dude Relax! / Laundry Day

The Titans teach a very uptight Robin how to loosen up; When Raven uses her magic to do the laundry, the team uniforms come alive.

Episode 05 – Ghost Boy / La Larva de Amor

Starfire thinks she killed Beast Boy, so he pretends to be a ghost and torments her; When the team baby-sits Silkie, he escapes to Mexico.

Episode 06 – Hey Pizza! / Gorilla

Cyborg and Beast Boy try to thwart the pizza delivery guy to get free pizza; Beast Boy turns into an obnoxious gorilla and decides he’s in charge.

Episode 07 – Girls’ Night Out / You’re Fired

When the guys plan a night out, Starfire and Raven have their own adventure; Beast Boy is slacking on the job, so the others look for a replacement.

Episode 08 – Super Robin / Tower of Power

Despite Raven’s warnings, Robin begs her to give him superpowers; After Cyborg short-circuits, the Titans plug him into the tower’s control panel.

Episode 09 – Parasite / Starliar

Starfire is infected by an alien parasite that seems friendly but arouses Robin’s suspicion; Beast Boy stirs up trouble by teaching Starfire to lie.

Episode 10 – Meatball Party / Staff Meeting

Raven eats a meatball that unleashes a demon octopus living in her tooth; When the Titans break Robin’s staff, he goes on a quest to find a new one.

Episode 11 – Terra– ized / Artful Dodgers

When Terra shows an interest in Beast Boy, Raven is suspicious of her motives; The Titans do some creative dodgeball playing to win a championship.

Episode 12 – Burger vs. Burrito / Matched

Beast Boy and Cyborg face off to settle their dispute about which is best: burger or burrito; A computer dating program matches Beast Boy with Raven.

Episode 13 – Colors of Raven / The Left Leg

A crystal prism causes Raven to split into five versions of herself; Robin makes the best of being assigned to operate the left leg of a huge robot.

Episode 14 – Books / Lazy Sunday

The Titans learn to enjoy reading and discover an ancient magic book; Cyborg and Beast Boy are dismayed when Robin swaps their couch for a treadmill.

Episode 15 – Power Moves / Staring at the Future

Cyborg and Beast Boy perfect their power moves, prompting Robin to try it; A 30-year staring contest has the duo facing adult responsibilities.

Episode 16 – No Power / Sidekick

Robin challenges the other Titans to not use their powers for a day; When Robin is put in charge of the Batcave, the others give him a hard time.

Episode 17 – Caged Tiger / Nose Mouth

The guys’ friendship is tested when they get stuck in an elevator; As Raven uses her magic more, her spells become darker.

Episode 18 – Starfire the Terrible / Second Christmas

Robin needs an archnemesis, so Starfire makes herself outrageously evil; The Titans convince a sad Starfire that there’s a “second Christmas.”

Episode 19 – Legs / Breakfast Cheese

The removal of Raven’s cloak reveals her leggy figure — and Cyborg’s dark side; Starfire wants the Titans to promote peace and love, not violence.

Episode 20 – Waffles / Opposites

Beast Boy and Cyborg annoy the others by saying only the word “waffles”; Cyborg and Jinx begin a romance and try to hide it from everyone.

Episode 21 – Birds / Be Mine

Robin’s attempt to get rid of some troublesome birds backfires; While Beast Boy hopes for a romantic Valentine’s Day with Terra, she has other ideas.

Episode 22 – Brain Food / In and Out

Beast Boy uses Raven’s spell book to make himself seem smarter than the others; Robin heads to the HIVE to destroy it but then sees how cool it is.

Episode 23 – Little Buddies / Missing

Cyborg wants a “little buddy” like the other Titans have, but he picks the wrong one; Starfire is dejected when the guys return Silkie to Killer Moth.

Episode 24 – Uncle Jokes / Mas y Menos

Robin’s mad when Starfire wants to be on the “fun side” — with Beast Boy and Cyborg; Robin tries to teach brothers Mas y Menos how to be superheroes.

Episode 25 – Dreams / Grandma Voice

As the Titans sleep after a busy evening, they have unique dreams; Cyborg adopts a grandma persona to beat Mother Mae Eye but takes it a bit too far.

Episode 26 – Real Magic / Puppets Whaaaaat

Robin does dumb magic tricks, ignoring Raven’s warning about angering the magic god; Frustrated with the team’s behavior, Robin makes a risky bargain.

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