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Pokémon (Season 24) Master Journeys English Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


This season continues the research fellowship adventures of Ash Ketchum, Goh and Chloe Cerise, as they travel across all eight regions, including the new Galar region and the Galar region’s Crown Tundra, based at Cerise Laboratory in Vermillion City in the Kanto region.

Series Info

📰 Title : Pokemon: Master Journeys
🍂 Season : 24
📺 Type : TVSeries (2020-21)
📆 Release Date : December 11, 2020
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Teletoon / Netflix
🎭 Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : The Pokémon Company
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 7.5/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0168366
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : English [Org. Audio] 
💬 Subtitles : English
💳 Credits : SHIRT
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Episode 1 - To Train, or Not to Train!

At a Vermillion City research center studying Eevee, and Eevee tries to imitate different evolved Eevee without success. Seeing Chloe’s Yamper walk by, it escapes from the center and follows Yamper, with whom it becomes friendly.
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Episode 2 - A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!

The Curator of the science museum has sent Ash, Go, and Chloe to the Galar region to research the Galar Fossils. When they reach there, they encounter Cara Liss and Gasattsu who help them with their research. Also, a fossil restoration machine made by Cara Liss help them to restore the fossil Pokémon.
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Episode 3 - Trials of a Budding Master!

Ash has gone to the Rock Tunnel in order to train with Farfetch’d for the Pokémon World Coronation Series. When there, they meet a trainer partnered with Gurdurr and decide to have a match. Will Ash and Farfetch’d manage to get through and beat this trainer?
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Episode 4 – How Are Ya Gonna Keep Em Off of the Farm?

A huge amount of vegetables addressed to the Cerise Laboratory have arrived alongside a letter. The sender is Professor Cerise’s former student, Endo, who’s now a farmer. Endo writes that he’s been having trouble recently due to Diglett and Dugtrio ravaging his fields, so Ash, Goh and Chloe head to Endo’s field to investigate and find out why these Pokémon are doing this.
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Episode 5 – Healing the Healer!

News has come that the Legendary Pokémon Suicune is staying at a specific lake rather than travelling across the world. Goh is excited and he and Ash go off so that Goh can try and catch Suicune. However, when they get to the lake, they see it is under attack from Pokémon Hunters and Suicune is there trying to protect the lake and the wild Pokémon around. The hunters try to stop Suicune and take it. Will Ash & Goh stop them?
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Episode 6 – Sobble Spies a Stealthy Strategy!

Ash & Goh visit a movie set where Sobble meets an Inteleon that is playing a spy. When Inteleon protects the movie set from an attack from Team Rocket, Sobble is mesmorised and admires it and the ease Inteleon dispatched Team Rocket. However, soon a Pokémon kidnapping happens and it’s up to Sobble to get some courage. Will it succeed?
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Episode 7 – The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle!

After Chloe reads a book about the Galarian forms of Ponyta and Rapidash, Professor Cerise suggests she, Ash, and Goh travel to Glimwood Tangle and see them firsthand. There, Chloe discovers that a vision she had while reading the book was real: Rapidash has been wounded, and Ponyta is worried! But Chloe also read about a type of flower nectar with healing powers, so she sets off to find some. En route, she meets a trio of playful Impidimp who eventually help her obtain the nectar, and she takes it back to Rapidash. Rapidash is restored to full health, and Chloe and Eevee get to ride Rapidash and Ponyta, too!
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Episode 8 – Searching for Chivalry!

Ash goes to the Kalos Region to further train Galarian Farfetch’d, while also growing a stronger bond. Wikstrom challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle with an Aegislash. Goh’s Scyther evolves into a Scizor.
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Episode 9 – Memories of a Warming Kindness!

After a surprise turn of events, Chloe and Eevee spend the night at Chrysa’s house. It becomes a full girl’s night in, but Chloe soon notices a photo of Chrysa and a man alongside a Psyduck. It turns out Chrysa has some feelings for the man and the Psyduck, so Chloe decides to try and help bring Chrysa and the man together.
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Episode 10 - A Rollicking Roll... Eyes on the Goal!

A ton of Gulpin form into a giant ball. Chewtle and Turtwig enter the Turtle Race, with a lot more turtle Pokémon appearing out of nowhere.
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Episode 11 – When A House is Not A Home!

When Goh wakes up from a dream, he discovers a Grookey sleeping in his arms. He tries to catch it, only to find out that it belongs to someone else. Ash and Goh decide to go look for its trainer, where they discover later on that it belongs to Team Rocket.
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Episode 12 – Beyond Chivalry... Aiming to be a Leek Master!

Ash and Goh visit a Pokémon Center for Farfetch’d and Scizor, who are exhausted from training. But then Ash’s Pokémon device, the Rotom Phone, receives an official World Coronation Series match. And believe or not, the opponents in question are Rinto and Gallade, who have defeated Ash before. Can Ash and Farfetch’d win this time? A battle with the pride of a knight on the line now begins!
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Episode 13 – Searching for Service with a Smile!

When a leaky pipe at Cerise Laboratory forces Divi and Mulpli, a pair of handymen to come to repair it, Divi gets injured in the process. Ash and Goh offer to help Mulpli, filling in for the injured Divi.
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Episode 14 – Not Too Close to Comfort!

After Goh’s Messon saves an Oddish that got into trouble, Goh’s Messon evolves into Jimeleon, but it gets hurt as it is not like Inteleon. After seeing that it didn’t evolve into Inteleon, it hides in a cave while Goh encourages it.
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Episode 15 – On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!

Ash, Goh, and Chloe travel to the Hoenn region, where a Marine Athletics Competition is held in Lilycove City. They meet Kairi, who has a Vaporeon, and Koharu’s Eevee thinks of becoming a Vaporeon.
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Episode 16 – Absol Absolved!

Ash and Goh have received a message from Hodge, a boy from the Hoenn region that Ash battled a while back. It turns out that the hot spring that Hodge’s uncle runs isn’t getting water anymore.
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Episode 17 – Thrash of the Titans!

Ash and Goh return to Unova. When they get to Opelucid City, Goh meets Iris, and Ash finds out that she became the Unova champion. Ash battles her for his World Coronation Series. During the battle, Ash sends out his Dragonite against Iris Dragonite but is quickly tired.
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Episode 18 – Under Color of Darkness!

Goh’s Flabébé all evolve into Floette, or at least he thought until he notices that his white Flabébé is struggling to fly as it lost it’s petals.
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Episode 19 – Sleuths for Truth!

Ash’s Pikachu is suspected as a criminal and it has been taken into police custody.
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Episode 20 – Advice To Go!

Ash and Goh visit the Oak Laboratories in Pallet Town for the first time in quite a while. There, Goh learns from Professor Oak that “Project Mew”, a team that will be making a full-scale search for Mew, is recruiting members.
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Episode 21 - Watch Over My First Errand!

Ash, Goh, and Chloe are visiting a Pokémon Center, where the naughty Grookey and Eevee are constantly keeping them on their toes. Goh and Chloe insist their Pokémon are good, and Ash decides to help out by suggesting they give the Pokémon duo an errand to run. Will their first errand go smoothly?
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Episode 22 – Take My Thief Please!

The Morpeko that has settled down in the Team Rocket’s hideout is a massive glutton that’s even eating Jessie’s cakes and the food James hid. Team Rocket attemptd to release it back to the wild, but James finds his relation with Morpeko.
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Episode 23 – Leaping Toward the Dream!

Episode 24 – Everybody’s Doing the Underground Shuffle!

Episode 25 – Grabbing the Brass Ring!

Episode 26 – Nightfall? Nightmares!

Episode 27 - A Midsummer Nights Light!

Chloe and Dawn encounter Cresselia and see she is injured, however, after treating her, the girls fall asleep.
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Episode 28 - Full Power! Alola Deserted Island Race!!

At Cerise Park, Goh tells Ash about his plans to participate in the Pokémon Catching Adventure Race in Alola to catch himself some more Alolan Pokémon. Since it’s a team competition, he invites Ash to come along, which he happily agrees to.
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Episode 29 - Excitement From the Ultra-Shocking Start!

Ash and Go head to the Sinnoh region for Ash’s next World Coronation Series match against Volkner. Sinnoh’s top Gym Leader
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Episode 30 - Detective Drizzile!

All of the Pokémon data Ash and Goh have gathered so far as research fellows has mysteriously vanished from the Cerise Laboratory computer. Goh tries searching for the culprit via evidence that someone accessed the computer’s main database.
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Episode 31 - Night and Day, You are the Ones!

Once in Jhoto, Satoshi and Go are told the backstory of the Eclipse Castle by Himari, the current lord of the castle.
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Episode 32 - Trial on a Golden Scale!

In Goh’s first Project Mew mission, he has to gather golden scales from a shiny Volcarona.
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Episode 33 - Clash!? Blue Pokémania!

Abel, a Blue Pokémaniac from Kalos invites Ash, Goh and Chloe to take part in blue themed activities.
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Episode 34 - The Sweet Taste of Battle!

Satoshi and Go receive an invitation from Poplar to partake in a tournament that she is hosting. Poplar informs them that Dande will be in attendance, which excites Satoshi.
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Episode 35 - Star Night, Star Flight!

Illusions of Ash and his friend’s Pokémon arrive in a town where mysterious phenomena occurs.
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Episode 36 - Adventure of Mega Proportions

Ash and Goh visit Korrina in order to Mega Evolve Lucario for the Pokémon World Coronation Series. After receiving a Key Stone that’s required for Mega Evolving from Korrina, Ash heads to Mega Island to get the Mega Stone, Lucarionitle.
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Episode 37 - Rival Showdown! Ash VS Bea!!

Ash prepares for his 3rd battle with Bea.
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Episode 38 - A Battle of Mega Versus Max!!

Part 2 of the battle from the previous episode.
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Episode 39 - Breaking The Ice!

A plane approaches a nightly Vermilion City. Aboard it, a man looks at the city below and tells his daughter, Regina, that she’s going to be making lots of friends there.
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Episode 40 - Looking Out for Number Two!

Goh’s 2nd ‘Project Mew’ mission in which he gets a wild Kingdra.
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Episode 41 - The Gates of Warp!

An unknown world opens up when Dialga and Palkia are fighting.
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Episode 42 - Showdown at the Gates of Warp!

Continues from where we left off…
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|| Season Completed ||

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