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Pokémon (Season 15) BW Rival Destinies Dual Audio (Hindi-Eng) Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


A new land, new rivals, new challenges, and all-new Pokémon make the 14th season of the Pokémon animated series one of the most exciting ones yet! When Ash and his mother accompany Professor Oak to the distant Unova region, Ash discovers Pokémon that he’s never seen before… and that he can’t wait to catch! He may have Pikachu at his side together with new friends Iris and Cilan, but he’ll still need plenty of new Pokémon on his team if he wants to challenge Unova’s expert Gym Leaders. His quest to become a Pokémon Master just got even tougher!

Series Info

📰 Title : Pokemon
🍂 Season : 24
📺 Type : TVSeries (2011)
📆 Release Date : 2011
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Marvel HQ
🎭 Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : The Pokémon Company
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 7.5/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0168366
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English [Org. DTH Audio] 
💬 Subtitles : English
💳 Credits : ToonWorld4All (From Episode 20)
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 – Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!

After meeting the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, Elesa, our heroes encounter an old friend with a surprise guest!
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Episode 2 – Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!

The stakes are high for Ash winning his fourth Unova Gym Badge at the Nimbasa Gym, and our hero’s taking no chances.
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Episode 3 – Lost at the Stamp Rally!

Spending the day in Nimbasa City after Ash’s fourth Unova Gym Badge win, Cilan has a special challenge in mind, while our heroes discover a fellow Trainer in need!
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Episode 4 – Ash Versus the Champion!

As our heroes prepare to leave Nimbasa City, they bump into Ash’s rival Trip, who introduces them to someone they had only dreamed of meeting!
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Episode 5 - A Maractus Musical!

On their way to Driftveil City, our heroes meet an enterprising young man with three dedicated friends and a dream!
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Episode 6 - The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!

Stopping at a Pokémon Center on their way to Driftveil City, out heroes meet a young Pokémon photographer on the mission of a lifetime!
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Episode 7 - Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!

On their way to Driftveil City and Ash’s next Gym Battle, our heroes meet a demanding Gothita with a crush on Scraggy!
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Episode 8 - The Lonely Deino!

On their way to Driftveil City and Ash’s next Gym Battle, our heroes come across some very special Pokémon in a very special place!
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Episode 9 - The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!

Arriving in Driftveil City, our heroes meet a fascinating hometown resident with a secret!
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Episode 10 - A Call for Brotherly Love!

While Ash prepares for his upcoming Gym Battle with Clay, a surprise visitor with a dilemma offers both Ash and Cilan the opportunity to help!
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Episode 11 – Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 1

What started as a trip to Milos Island to find Revival Herbs has turned into a cataclysmic battle of legendary proportions!

Episode 12 – Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 2

In search of scarce Revival Herbs, our heroes are now faced with the potential destruction of Milos Island!

Episode 13 – Battling the King of the Mines

With a bag full of revival herbs, our heroes have returned to Driftveil City and Ash is raring to battle Gym Leader Clay!

Episode 14 – Crisis at Chargestone Cave!

Continuing their journey to Mistralton City, our heroes encounter Chargestone Cave and a dilemma for its occupants!

Episode 15 – Evolution Exchange Excitement!!

After witnessing a dramatic Pokémon trade and evolution, Ash and his friends’ excitement has just begun!

Episode 16 – Explorers of the Hero’s Ruin!

The elder Professor Juniper has invited our heroes to join him in what he promises will be an exciting adventure…and he keeps his promise!

Episode 17 – Battling the Bully!

An encounter with Pikachu’s rival from the past puts our heroes in the middle of a bullying confrontation!

Episode 18 – Baffling the Bouffalant!

Ash and friends continue their journey to Mistralton City as they head through a forest. They stop for a lunch break when suddenly they get attacked by a Bouffalant. After running away, the gang gets separated.

Episode 19 – Cilan Takes Flight!

Ash is surprised to see a long line of Trainers waiting to challenge Skyla, the Mistralton City Gym Leader, and is even more surprised when he’s told he has to make an appointment for their battle!

Episode 20 – An Amazing Aerial Battle!

After some convincing by a group of young challengers and Skyla’s grandfather, Skyla takes Ash up on his Gym Battle challenge.

Episode 21 – Climbing the Tower of Success!

After winning his sixth badge, Ash and friends bump into Stephan. He is in town to compete in the Bell of Wishes Festival that is being held that day. Ash, Iris, and Cilan, after finding out that the winner gets to ring the bell atop Mistralton Tower and get a wish granted, decide to compete in the festival.

Episode 22 – The Clubsplosion Begins!

At Ambiga Town, the local Don George holds a tournament called “Clubsplosion” to showcase Fighting-Type Pokémon, but all are welcome. Ash, Stephan, Bianca, Trip, and Georgia all enter the tournament, with Ash using his Scraggy. Ash and Scraggy’s first opponent is Angus and his Simisage.

Episode 23 – Search for the Clubultimate!

The Clubsplosion tournament continues. Iris and Excadrill face off against Burgundy and Dewott. Bianca and Emboar face off against Trip and Conkeldurr. And Dragon Buster Georgia and Bisharp face off against newcomer Gale and her Druddigon.

Episode 24 – A Clubsplosion of Excitement!

The first round of the Clubsplosion tournament ends with Bianca’s and Trip’s battle. As the second round gets underway, the remaining contestants battle for the chance to enter the Top 4 in the Clubsplosion semi-finals.

Episode 25 – Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!

The Clubsplosion semifinals rage on. Bianca and Emboar battle Stephan and Sawk, while Ash and Scraggy battle Montgomery and his Throh. In the finals, Stephan and Sawk face Montgomery and Throh. Who will win the Clubsplosion Tournament?

Episode 26 – Battling the Leaf Thieves!

During a practice match against Iris’ Emolga, Ash’s Swadloon evolves into Leavanny. Leavanny’s leaf-sewing process causes it to make costumes for the other Pokémon, but this causes Axew to be accidentally kidnapped by a pair of Durant who are building a den. They stop to think about how they are going to enter the Durant’s den, and to be able to rescue Axew.

Episode 27 – A Restoration Confrontation!: Episode 1

Ash, Cilan, and Iris make their way to Twist Mountain where they come across a fossil dig that has discovered a fossil Tirtouga. However, Team Rocket arrives and steals the fossil.

Episode 28 – A Restoration Confrontation!: Episode 2

The adventure with Mount Twist, Tirtouga, and Carracosta continues.

Episode 29 – Evolution by Fire!

Stopping at Abtilbe Town’s Battle Club, Ash meets his Tepig’s former trainer Shamus who abandoned Tepig because he felt he was too weak. Angry, Ash challenges Shamus to a double battle with Snivy and Tepig going up against Shamus’s Emboar and Heatmor.

Episode 30 – Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!

Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive in Icirus City. But before Ash can challenge movie star Brycen and his Beartic for his next Gym Badge, they must help Brycen save Volcarona from the Pokémon Hunter Rizzo and his two Jellicent.

Episode 31 – Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!

Ash challenges Brycen for the Icicle Badge, putting Scraggy, Krokorok, and Pignite up against Vanillish, Cryogonal, and Beartic.

Episode 32 – Clash of the Connoisseurs!

With only one more badge left, the group heads to Opelucid City so Ash can challenge the Gym Leader. Unfortunately for Ash, the Gym in Opelucid City is closed. When the group stops in Stonesthrow Town, Cilan meets little Marigold who is picking out her first Pokémon today. Cilan offers his skills as a Pokémon Connoisseur, but another A-Class Connoisseur named Ricard Nouveau offers up his services instead of Cilan’s, and they have a battle to determine who is the better Connoisseur. All while the S-Class Connoisseur Fauxgundy watches, but they believe they have seen her somewhere before.

Episode 33 – Crisis at Ferroseed Research!

The group meets up with Dragon Buster Georgia who has a Vanilluxe now. They travel to the Ferroseed Institute to see the Moss Pokémon Ferroseed being studied, but when an accident forces an evacuation, Iris, her Axew, Ash’s Oshawott, and Georgia’s Vanilluxe are trapped inside. Iris has not yet overcome her crippling phobia of Ice-Types, and she must figure out a way out with Vanilluxe at her side.

Episode 34 – An Epic Defense Force!

After Ash and the gang arrive in Virbank City and Cilan gives them a rundown of the area’s history, they run into their filmmaking friend Luke and his Zorua! Thanks to winning a film festival with the movie our heroes helped him make (The Legend of the Pokémon Knight), Luke is there to attend a preview event for Pokéstar Studios, a theme park opening soon within the film studio lots.

Episode 35 – Rocking the Virbank Gym!: Episode 1

Ash heads to Virbank City to face off against its Gym Leader, punk rocker Roxie from the band Koffing and the Toxics, in order to obtain his eighth Unova League Gym Badge.

Episode 36 – Rocking the Virbank Gym!: Episode 2

Ash’s battle against Roxie for the Toxic Badge continues.

Episode 37 – All for the Love of Meloetta!

After learning the Unova League conference will not be held for three more months, Ash, Iris, and Clian meet up with Cynthia, the Sinnoh Region Champion. She says she has come to Unova to participate in an exhibition match at the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, held in Lacunosa Town, and Ash learns that the prize of the tournament is a battle with Alder, Unova’s reigning Champion. As the four head out of Virbank City for Undella Town, they come across the legendary Melody Pokémon, Meloetta who seems to have fallen ill.

Episode 38 – Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!

Upon arriving in Undella Town, Cynthia leads the gang to her villa where Dawn and Piplup are waiting for them. Dawn has come to Unova to perfect her Coordinator skills, and Cilan decides to have a Tasting Battle to see exactly what she can do.

Episode 39 – Expedition to Onix Island!

While Cynthia is preparing for the Junior Cup, Ash, Cilan, Iris, and Dawn take a trip to an uninhabited island for some relaxation. However, they soon discover the island is home to several Onix that begin to attack them.

Episode 40 – The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!

While in Undella Town, Cilan helps a boy named Chris track down his missing Cubchoo. However, they instead find a roaming Beartic that might have once been Chris’s Cubchoo.

Episode 41 – Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!

When the power goes out in Undella Town, the gang tries to help out when they discover a rampaging Dragonite may be to blame. When Iris discovers the Dragonite, she believes it is truly not bad but she is soon trapped in the room with the Dragonite along with Ash’s Oshawott and Dawn’s Piplup.

Episode 42 – Jostling for the Junior Cup!

The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup begins, with rivals such as Trip, Georgia, and Burgundy showing up to take part in the tournament. After an exhibition match between Sinnoh Champion Cynthia’s Garchomp and Unova Elite Four member Caitlin’s Gothitelle ends in a no official winner, the first round begins. Iris is up first against Georgia, with Iris’s newly captured Dragonite being pitted up against Georgia’s Beartic.

Episode 43 – Battling Authority, Once Again!!

The quarter-final matches of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup take place, and Iris must go up against Dawn, pitting Dragonite against Mammoswine. In another match, Cilan and Crustle take on Trip and Serperior.

Episode 44 – Ash, Iris, and Trip: Then There Were Three!!

With the semi-finals of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup underway, and with the grand prize of having a battle with Alder on the line, Ash, Iris, and Trip go all out.

Episode 45 – Goodbye, Junior Cup – Hello Adventure!

After Trip’s match against Alder, the Junior Cup draws to a close and the contestants bid each other farewell. Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet Cameron, a young naive trainer who wants to travel with them. Dawn bids farewell as well, but not before having a practice match against Ash.

Episode 46 – The Road to Humilau

Ash, Iris, and Cilan help Cameron get to Humilau City where he wants to challenge Marlon for his own eighth Unova League Gym Badge. On the way, Ash and Cameron are separated from the group. Ash almost falls off a cliff, but then Cameron saves his life. Cameron has a “great idea” and he gets out what seems to be a “map”, which was a table cloth. As they continue heading down a road, it starts to rain and then they take shelter in a nearby cave. Realizing that they didn’t have any food, Ash, Cameron and their Pokémon are hungry as Meloetta leaves only to come back with an apple. Meloetta leads them to an apple tree where they harvest the apples to bring them back to the cave to munch on them. After they ate the apples (and Cameron’s Riolu hiccups adorably), they decide to stay the night in the cave until the rain stops. Ash and Cameron exchange their goals in life. Ash wanting to a Pokémon Master while Cameron wanting to be the best Pokémon Champion in the world.

Episode 47 – Unrest at the Nursery

While still staying at Cynthia’s villa and training for the Unova League conference, Ash and the gang come across a fighting pair of Rufflet and Vullaby. It turns out they have both escaped the inexperienced Day Care Nurse, Layla. Whilst the manager is away, Ash, Iris and Cilan help Layla in the Nursery, but the ongoing conflict between the two Pokémon both craving Layla’s attention continues.

Episode 48 – Meloetta and the Undersea Temple

Ash continues to train at Cynthia’s villa until Ridley (a member of an ancient civilisation dedicated to protecting Meloetta) and his Golurk hear Meloetta’s song and come to take Meloetta back. At first, Ridley assumes Ash is associated with the thieves, but this turns out not to be the case. Before Ridley can take Meloetta home, Team Rocket assaults the group and capture Meloetta and summon up the ancient Abyssal Temple through its power and song. The heroes try to fend off Team Rocket, but with Giovanni himself present they are too strong.

Episode 49 – Unova’s Survival Crisis

With Meloetta in their possession, Team Rocket’s Giovanni controls Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in their more powerful Therian Formes though use of the reveal glass unlocked by Meloetta’s presence and Meloetta’s song. Ash, Cilan, Iris, Cynthia, and Ridley do their best to free Meloetta and save the world from Team Rocket. But forces stronger than Team Rocket are present, and Giovanni soon finds himself not able to control himself and sets Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus on a path to destroy Unova rather than take it over for Team Rocket.

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