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Ninja Hattori (1981) Dual Audio (Hin-Jap) Episodes [1080p]


Hattori a ninja boy who has come from the Iga mountains is now a part of the Mitsuba family along with his brother Shinzo and his ninja dog. Hattori helps Kenichi with his problems and constantly keeps an eye on him as a good friend.

Series Info

📰 Title : Ninja Hattori-kun
📺 Type : TVSeries (1981-82)
📆 Release Date : 28-09-1981
⏰ Runtime : ~6min
🌐 Network : Nickelodeon Sonic
🎭 Genre : Adventure, Comedy
🏢 Companies : Shin-Ei Animation
📚 Content Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
✨ MAL Rating : 6.82
🆔 MAL ID : 4936
🍀 Quality : 1080p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Jap
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here

The Episodes are arranged according to Japanese release.
The Missing Episodes have no Hindi Audio Available.


Episode 1 - I am a Ninja!

When Kenichi watches TV, Ninja Hattori enters and surprises Kenichi. Hattori does all the household work and surprises Kenichi and his family.
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Episode 2 - Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher!

Koike-Sensei gets afraid of Hattori’s shadow and runs to school. He scolds Kenichi at school, but Hattori saves Kenichi.
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Episode 3 - Let's earn some money!

Kenichi finds out ways to earn money to buy a toy engine for him. Hattori takes up a job and surprises Kenichi with a toy engine.
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Episode 4 - Shishimaru Wins!

Shishimaru (Ninja dog) helps Kenichi and Yumeko from a dog and disappears. So, Hattori catches Shishimaru and brings him home.
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Episode 5 - A Perfect Score!

Hattori makes Kenichi study hard and does not allow him to rest. As Kenichi scores good marks, Ama gifts them both.
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Episode 6 - Leave The Cooking To Us!

Kenichi takes Hattori’s help and does all the household work. Kenichi surprises his parents on their wedding anniversary with a celebration.
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Episode 7 – Baseball Ninja Style!

Hattori trains Kenichi to play baseball. But as Kenichi fears to play the match, Hattori plays on his behalf. Later, Kennichi plays and wins the match.
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Episode 8 – The New Student!

Amara meets Hattori and fights with him. So, Hattori decides to teach Amara a lesson, but Koike-Sensei scolds Kenichi.
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Episode 9 – Shinzo Arrives!

Shinzou finds Hattori and helps him get rid of Amara. Hattori introduces Shinzou to Kenichi’s family.
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Episode 10 – Hattori Recovers His Honor!

Koike-Sensei visits Kenichi’s house. Shishimaru loses his grip and falls on Koike-Sensei and gets him unconscious.
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Episode 11 – Shinzo Runs An Errand!

Shinzo loses his way and the list. So, Shishimaru and Hattori guide him. Shinzo tells everyone about his deed.
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Episode 12 – The Strange Visitor!

Yamamoto visits Kentaru as a schoolmate. In the night, Yamamoto robs and tries to leave but gets caught. A cop declares a reward to the family.
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Episode 13 – I am not good at athletic meet!

Kenichi takes Hattori and Shinzo’s help and wins the race on sports day.
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Episode 14 – Kenichi sir is a stray cameraman!

Hattori and Kenichi click pictures of Kemumaki’s cat while he robs the fruits and proves Kenichi innocent to the neighbour.
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Episode 15 – Fake laziness!

Kenichi gets a bad dream of Kemumaki threatening him and gets afraid to go to school. On seeing the doctor, Kenichi reveals the truth and makes Kemumaki his friend.
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Episode 16 – The UFO!New

Episode 17 – Ninja Sleep Paralysis!New

Episode 18 – Do Your Homework!New

Episode 19 – The Kidnapping!New

Episode 21 – Chestnut Fever!New

Episode 22 – The Ninja Hideaway!New

Episode 35 – A Trip To Kyoto!New

Episode 36 – Oval is crunchy!New

Episode 37 – Pickpocketing A Pick Pocket!New

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  1. Sir
    Upload the next episodes too, you haven’t uploaded anything since three days.
    I like ninja hattori a lot, you upload a lot of episodes of beyblade at once, so do ninja hattori episodes too.

    1. Ninja Hattori takes time for syncing Hindi Audio, so please stay tuned. Beyblade Burst does not need any syncing, it is just encoded, so full season has been posted at once.

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