Baby Looney Tunes (Season 1) Dual Audio (Hindi-Eng) Episodes [720p & 1080p]


Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Lola, Tweety and Taz all live together as toddlers! The series takes a trip back to when the characters were all preschool age and living with Granny in a big mansion. Learning new things together, Bugs often leads the bunch using their imaginations and learning life lessons under Granny’s watchful eye.

Series Info

📰 Title : Baby Looney Tunes
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2002-05)
📆 Release Date : 3 June 2001
⏰ Runtime : ~21 min
🌐 Network : Prime Video
🎭 Genres : Animation, AdventureComedy
🏢 Companies : Warner Bros. Animation
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
✨ IMDb Rating : 6.2/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt0338580
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English [Org. Audio] 
💬 Subtitles : English
💳 Credits : Telly
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here

Episode 11 is Missing and Episode 32 Have Only English Track, rest is in Dual Audio.


Episode 1 - Taz in Toyland/A Secret Tweet

Granny gives Taz one last chance to care for something after he breaks all his toys. Then, the babies plan a surprise birthday party for Tweety.

Episode 2 - Comfort Level/Duck to Water

Sylvester learns to live without his blankey after he loses it. Then, Daffy overcomes his fear of the swimming pool.

Episode 3 - School Daze/Bugs in the Night

The babies play pretend school in preparation for the real thing. Then, Bugs must find the courage to discover what’s making scary noises outside.

Episode 4 - Chocolate Creature/Bored Box

Sylvester blames a cookie monster after he eats all of Granny’s cookies. Then, faced with nothing to do, the babies use a carboard box and their imagination to have fun.

Episode 5 - Time Again/Best Taz

Granny teaches the babies the importance of telling time. Then, Bugs and Daffy fight over who’s getting Lola on their badminton team, and she learns she can’t be the best at every sport.

Episode 6 - Mine!/Sylvester the Pester

Daffy learns a lesson in doing the right thing when he finds a purse filled with money. Then, an attention-starved Sylvester won’t leave Granny alone.

Episode 7 - Cat-Taz-Trophy/Duck! Monster!

Sylvester and Taz team up to win a toy racecar derby. Then, Daffy reads the babies a scary story, only to end up frightening himself.

Episode 8 - Brave Tweety/Puddle Olympics

Tweety begins to believe he’s a real superhero after acting in a play. Then, the babies take turns jumping over a puddle, but Sylvester is afraid of the water.

Episode 9 - A Lot Like Lola/Mother's Day

Lola wants everyone to be more like her … until they all start acting exactly like her. Then, the babies compete to see who can create the best Mother’s Day card.

Episode 10 - Takers Keepers/Tell the Tooth

Daffy steals Taz’s favorite toy and learns you can’t just take what you want. Then, Bugs loses a baby tooth, and Daffy tries to scam the Tooth Fairy.

Episode 12 - Shadow of a Doubt/Xmas in July

Tweety sheds some light on what a shadow is. Then, the babies pretend it’s Christmas in hopes of getting Lola the stethoscope she wants.

Episode 13 - Bruce Bunny/Leader of the Pack

Bunny changes his name to Bruce after Daffy starts making hurtful rhymes. Then, Daffy starts a secret password club for everyone except Bugs.

Episode 14 - Flower Power/Lightning Bugs

The babies all want to pick the bet flowers for Granny, but they destroy her garden in the process. Then, Sylvester tries to overcome his fear of lightning.

Episode 15 - Flush Hour/I Strain

The babies learn the purpose of toilets after they flood one. Then, Petunia gets hooked on watching television and stops playing with her friends.

Episode 16 - The Sandman/Assembly Required

Daffy thinks the Sandman is a monster that throws sand in children’s eyes. Then, Bugs gets a new toy with assembly required and has to learn to follow instructions.

Episode 17 - All Washed Up/Did Not, Did Too

Taz decides he doesn’t like taking a bath. Then, Bugs and Lola temporarily decide that they don’t want to be friends any longer.

Episode 18 - Tea Basketball/Taz You Like It

Sylvester wants to play tea with the girls, and Lola wants to play basketball with the boys. Then, Taz discovers that pratfalls get him laughs and attention.

Episode 19 - Band Together/War of Weirds

The babies learn about music and improvise their own orchestra. Then, Marvin the Martian comes to visit, and the babies learn to accept differences.

Episode 20 - Harder They Fall/Business

Bugs is embarrassed to admit he doesn’t know how to skate. Then, Bugs and Daffy open competing lemonade stands.

Episode 21 - Mr. McStuffles/Picture This

Daffy doesn’t want to give up his old toy, even after he’s outgrown it. Then, the babies create their own endings to fairy tales.

Episode 22 - Hair Cut-Ups/A Clean Sweep

Lola is afraid of getting her first haircut. Then, Daffy tries to avoid cleaning up by sweeping his toys under a rug.

Episode 23 - Daffy Did It/Pig Cried Wolf

Tweety blames Daffy for his mistake and then has trouble living with the guilt of lying. Petunia fakes emergencies, but when a real one arises, no one believes her.

Episode 24 - New Cat in Town/Magic Spring

Sylvester is jealous of the attention baby Pepe is receiving. Then, Bugs’ failure as a magician turns to success when he experiences the true magic of nature.

Episode 25 - Toll Calls/Cereal Boxing

Petunia and Tweety learn how to call long distance — and amass a huge phone bill. Then, the kids become obsessed with getting the prizes from boxes of sugary cereal.

Episode 26 - Who Said That?/Make Cake

Daffy learns a swear word and must learn not to use it. Then, Melissa wants cake, but she wants the other babies to make it for her.

Episode 27 - Mind Your Manners/Piggy Bank

The babies learn proper dining etiquette when preparing to dine out with Granny. Then, the kids start getting an allowance, but only Petunia thinks to save for something special.

Episode 28 - A Pastime for Petunia/Pouting

Petunia has a difficult time finding a hobby that doesn’t imitate the other babies’ interests. Then, Lola tries pouting to get what she wants, and soon all the babies are doing it.

Episode 29 - Wise Quacker/Yours and Mine

Bugs gets laughs doing hurtful impressions of the other kids, but he takes the jokes too far. Then, Daffy thinks if he shares his old toys, Granny will buy him all new toys.

Episode 30 - Loose Change/Act Your Age

Sylvester is upset when Granny paints the bedroom, but he learns the importance of change. Then, the kids try to see who can act most like a baby while vying for Granny’s attention.

Episode 31 - Who's Your Granny?/Tattletale

When Granny gets sick, Lola tries to take over her responsibilities. Then, Lola begins tattling on the other babies until her friends no longer want to play with her.

Episode 32 - The Yolk's On You/Baby Gate

Daffy and Melissa team up to play jokes on the other babies. Then, Melissa spreads rumors about the babies, and Bugs goes undercover to find the truth.

Episode 33 - Never Say Try/Pair-O-Dice Lost

Sylvester is a bad dancer and finger painter, so he believes he’ll never be good at anything. Daffy feels defeated whenever things aren’t going his way.

Episode 34 - Melissa the Hero/Trouble Larry

Melissa brags about helping Petunia to the point of self-aggrandizement. Then, Petunia invents an imaginary friend to help her always get her way.

Episode 35 - Littlest Tweety/Bugs We Trust

Tweety is tired of being overlooked because of his diminutive size. Then, Bugs uses the babies’ money to buy different toys than he promised.

Episode 36 - Cool for Cats/Time-Out!

Sylvester believes a commercial that says eating Chewy Chomps will make him cool. Then, Bugs, Daffy and Taz are disciplined by having a time-out in the corner.

Episode 37 - Present Tense/Neat and Sloppy

The babies pitch in to make an Arbor Day gift for Granny, and Lola ends up saving a tree all by herself, doing the planet a world of good. Then, Daffy is a compulsive mess maker, and Sylvester is a cleanliness freak.

Episode 38 - Tell-A-Photo/Move It!

The babies gather around Granny’s photo album to reminisce about all the happy times they’ve spent together. Then, overhearing Granny making a call to Manny the Mover, Bugs and Lola jump to the conclusion that they’re all moving away.

Episode 39 - Eggs-Traordinary Adventure 1

In part one, while Granny reads a story to the babies about Easter, Taz disrupts the nursery. The babies are excited and decide to celebrate by having an Easter party, but Bugs ruins the decorations.

Episode 40 - Eggs-Traordinary Adventure 2

In part two, the babies go searching for the Easter bunny and collect what appear to be eggs. But when Taz takes a tumble into a stream, the paint washes off revealing ordinary rocks that Bugs painted.”

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