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In their (overabundance of) free time, the gods grew bored and decided to create challenging battles of wits to spice things up! Their opponent? Humanity! A select few players called “apostles” meet the gods on the spiritual realm’s playing field to beat the deities at their own games. A former god named Leoleshea has woken after sleeping for thousands of years, and her first demand is to meet “this era’s very best player!” She is introduced to Fay, an acclaimed rookie apostle. Together, they plan to challenge the gods and win the ultimate prize, but no one in human history has managed to clear ten games—because the gods can be capricious, outrageous, and sometimes downright incomprehensible! In the face of absurdity, what can the apostles do but enjoy the contest to its fullest?

Series Info

📰 Title : Gods’ Games We Play
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2024)
📆 Release Date : 1 April, 2024
⏰ Runtime : ~23 min
🌐 Network : Crunchyroll
🎭 Genres : Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
🏢 Companies : KADOKAWA
📚 Content Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
✨ MAL Rating : 0
🆔 MAL ID : 50869
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – English – Japanese
💬 Subtitles : English
🖥️ Trailer : Click Here


Episode 1 - Gods' Games We Play

After being trapped in a glacier for 3,000 years, Leshea awakens. The former god demands that someone bring her the best person to play games in this age. The one who is chosen is Fay, a young man who is 3 and 0 currently in the gods’ games.
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Episode 2 - Hide-and-God-Seek

Fay and Leshea are thrown into their first gods’ game together against Titan. The game they play is Hide-and-God-Seek. Fay and Leshea try to outsmart Titan as their teammates get incapacitated one after another.
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Episode 3 - I'm Pearl Diamond

Fay and Leshea are told that they need to find some other team members to participate in the gods’ games with them. They happen to meet another Apostle named Pearl Diamond, but she seems to have an interesting past with a different team…
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Episode 4 - Uroboros

Fay, Leshea, and Pearl join up with Pearl’s former team to try to take down the god Uroboros in the gods’ games.
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Episode 5 - World Games Tour

Fay, Leshea, and Pearl are invited to the city of Mal-ra to participate in something called the World Games Tour.
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Episode 6 - Mind Arena

Fay and Pearl team up to fight against Dax and Kelritch. The game: Card Battle Sugoroku: Mind Arena. Will Pearl be able to prove herself to her friends?
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Episode 7 - Sunsteal Scramble

Fay, Leshea, and Pearl team up with Dax and Kelritch to go up against the god Mahtma II in their next gods’ game that takes place in the desert.
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Episode 8 - Where Did the Sun Go?

Fay’s team begins their game against the Mahtma II and his army. Fay’s team is completely outnumbered and Dax makes a surprising move. Will they be able to get the sun flower to the top of the pyramid?
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Episode 9 - Bookmaker

Nel must face the Bookmaster and bet Fay’s wins in a game in order to try to make a comeback so she can join Fay’s team.
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Episode 10 - The Three Cheats the God Brings Forth

After Nel failed against the Bookmaster, Fay must try to win against the Bookmaster and Three Cheats.
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Episode 11 - The Labyrinth of No Return: Luceimia

Apostles from around the world are being forced to play a game in the Luceimia Labyrinth. Unlike most games where once the player loses, they are sent back to the real world, anytime someone loses in this game, they are forced to respawn.
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Episode 12 - The “Labyrinth” of Death and Rebirth: Luceimia

Fay and the other Apostles manage to find the save item which allows some of them to escape the labyrinth. Uroboros joins Fay and his party as they continue through the labyrinth.
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Episode 13 - Good Game Well Played

Will Fay and his friends face the final boss of Luceimia. Will they be able to make it out of the labyrinth alive?
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