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Doraemon (Season 18) Multi Audio (Hindi-Tam-Tel) Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


Robotic cat Doraemon is sent back in time from the 22nd century to protect 10-year-old Noby, a lazy and uncoordinated boy who is destined to have a tragic future. Doraemon can create secret gadgets from a pocket on his stomach, but they usually cause more bad than good because of Noby’s propensity to misuse them.

Series Info

📰 Title : Doraemon
🍂 Season : 18
📺 Type : TVSeries (2005-)
📆 Release Year : April 15, 2005
⏰ Runtime : ~21 min
🌐 Network : Disney Channel
🎭 Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : Shin-Ei Animation
📚 Content Rating : TV-PG
✨ IMDb Rating : 8.3/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt4083422
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu
💳 Credits : TheDNK / HTP
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - Let's Grow Fireworks!; Dividing Hammer

Doraemon lends Nobita a gadget that can create fireworks of pictures that you draw on paper. Doraemon gives Nobita a hammer that splits him into two.

Episode 2 - Spending Summer Break with Monsters; Shine Solidifier

Doraemon uses a case of assorted monsters to spice up a test of courage. Doraemon uses a gadget that solidifies water and other things without form.

Episode 3 - Nobita's Big Summer Festival Plan!; I Can't Study in the Sahara Desert

Doraemon helps Nobita create a festival of his own. Later, he gives Nobita a gadget that allows him to be anywhere in the world.

Episode 4 - Nobita’s Energy Usage ; Fly the Nosebubbles

With the help of Doraemon’s gadget, Nobita finally thinks he’ll have enough energy to beat Gian. Later, Doraemon’s gadget blows up bubbles with the nose.

Episode 5 - Human Locomotive; Mushroom-gathering in the Miniscape

Nobita and Gian have paired up to run the three-legged race. Later, Nobita is jealous when Suneo brags about his Matsutake mushroom hunting.

Episode 6 - What is Halloween?; Tasting Spoon

All hell breaks loose when Gian mistakes the meaning of Halloween. Later, Nobita and the others are sick and tired of Suneo’s bragging.

Episode 7 - Go Wild with Magical Hand; Medusa Head

Doraemon gives Nobita the Magical Hand that allows one to manipulate objects from a distance; Nobita gets a Medusa Head to petrify his legs while he stands.

Episode 8 - The Feelings of a Roasted Sweet Potato; A Dazzling Comet

Doraemon shows off a gadget that can give life to inanimate objects; Nobita has never seen starry skies so Doraemon creates their very own starry sky.

Episode 9 - Nobita vs. Musashi Just Before the Battle of Ganryu

The duo time travels to meet Musashi Miyamoto and gain some courage

Episode 10 - Fur Ring; Sparkling Christmas Strategy

Nobita is feeling cold, so Doraemon used the fur ring that grows fur all over his body.; Doraemon brings out the Light Display Crackers for Christmas

Episode 11 - Good House, Bad House; ○△□ Phobia

Nobita thinks that his house isn’t fun enough for Shizuka, so Doraemon makes it more interesting.; Nobita wants to get back at Gian for holding a scaring contest

Episode 12 - Plan for Getting Out of the Earth; Word Restriction Pen

Nobita and Doraemon find a tiny barren planet and turn it into their own refuge planet.; Nobita helps Shizuka by using a gadget that bans selected words and punishes people

Episode 13 - Animal Payback Drops; Snowman in the Town

Doraemon shares a potion with Nobita that turns him into a crane.; Nobita makes a snowman and asks Doraemon to turn it into a playmate.

Episode 14 - Bon Appétit, Chocolate Nobita; Recital at the Blue Moon Night

Nobita sees Suneo giving Shizuka homemade chocolates, he wants to do the same.; Doraemon falls in love with a cat, but learns that she is moving overseas.

Episode 15 - Sushi Conveyor Belt for Humans; Let's have an Easy Life with a Copybrain

Nobita gets a gadget that helps in summoning people at will.; Doraemon lends Nobita a robot that moves by attaching a human’s copied brain to it

Episode 16 - Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Walking to the Moon!

Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget that transfers Nobita’s bad luck to Gian; Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget that creates a direct path to school.

Episode 17 - Skyhorse Farm; Overnight Cramming Barrel

Suneo brags about his horse, so Nobita challenges his horse to a race.; Doraemon gives him a gadget that allows him to temporarily gain baseball knowledge

Episode 18 - Dolphin in the Empty Lot; Blow Out the Obstacles with Time Pistol

Doraemon sets up a gate that allows marlin fish to enter the empty lot.; Nobita steals Doraemon’s gadget and begins using it for his own purposes

Episode 19 - Becoming a King in the Stone Age; Catch the Carp Streamer!

Nobita travels to the stone age to become a king but ends up becoming someone’s pet.; Suneo steals Pep Pellets from Doraemon to make his streamers more lively

Episode 20 - Let's Make an Anywhere Door!; Stork, Pay me back!

Shizuka wants to visit Hawaii but learns that the Anywhere Door is out for repairs.; Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget that can give one anything by performing specific actions

Episode 21 - Nobita Railway Transforming from a Bag into a River Horse with Transmogrify Ray

Nobita gets his own railways so that he can give Shizuka a ride..

Episode 22 - What a Surprise Nobita Scored 100 Percent Treasure Hunting in the Chinkara Pass

When Nobita gets a perfect score on his test, he can hardly believe it..

Episode 23 - Deluxifier Nobitas 100 Score Gets a Big Disaster 25 years Later

Doraemon grants Nobita’s wish of becoming bigger but things don’t go as planned..

Episode 24 - Nobitas Fried Shrimp Help Helping Boat

Nobita, Doraemon, and Mom must find a way back into the kitchen so they can enjoy the fried shrimp..

Episode 25 - Spoiled Dad Shizuka Turns into a Kappa

Nobita’s dad one night he comes home drunk and no one can help him except for his mom..

Episode 26 - Nobita Eleven The Bartering Machine

Gian refuses to let Nobita on his soccer team so he decides to create his own team..

Episode 27 - Doraemon Castle in the Big Hill The Flag of Truth is Always Right

Using one of his gadgets, Doraemon produces a Japanese castle in the Big Hill..

Episode 28 - Transforming fish into a boat Viral Marketing Virus

Nobita uses Doraemon’s gadget to teach Suneo a lesson..

Episode 29 - Unturned Stone Cap Nobitas Bride

Nobita is upset and annoyed so he wants to become unnoticeable..

Episode 30 - Live Through Summer in a Mini House Feel-Good Float

Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget to beat summer heat..

Episode 31 - Guiding Angel Welcome to Notiba Airline

Nobita calls Doraemon for a silly reason but he decides he needs to teach him a lesson..

Episode 32 - God Player Wonderful Camping in the 22nd Century

Nobita borrows Doraemon’s gadget but ends up getting carried away playing god..

Episode 33 - Portable Parliament Popcorn of Anger

Doraemon produces a gadget called Portable Parliament that allows Nobita to create legislation..

Episode 34 - Trick-or-Tanuki Wild Pumpkin at Halloween

Doraemon wants to get back at Suneo who makes fun of him with his own trick..

Episode 35 - Boasted Ancestor Flying Manga

Nobita has to write about his ancestors and asks his Dad to find him a famous ancestor..

Episode 36 - Lets Accuse One Falsely Macho Body Clay

Nobita borrows a gadget from Doraemon that falsely accuses others..

Episode 37 - Clean Up with the Storm Fallen Leaves and Jaiko

Nobita steals typhoon’s power to fight Suneo and Gian who escape with Doraemon’s help..

Episode 38 - Nobita Became Shizuka Clone Juice

Shizuka invites Nobita over to her house but things go awry for Nobita!.

Episode 39 - Money is Worthless in This World Doramis Birthday

Nobita learns that too much money isn’t always a good thing..

Episode 40 - Recycling with the Make-do Ant Sweetstick

Doraemon’s gadget takes trash and remakes it into other items..

Episode 41 - The Master Board The City Covered with Silly Pepper

Nobita tries to impress his friends with cat’s cradle but no one is interested.

Episode 42 - Lets Become a Snow Fairy Protect the World in the Secret Base

Nobita uses Doraemon’s gadget to become immune to the cold winter.

Episode 43 - Four-dimensional Cycling Rice Cake and Sumo for Valentines Day

Nobita wants to cycle with his friends, but he can’t ride a bike.

Episode 44 - Dinosaur Hunter

When Nobita is teased for being a coward, he gets a crash course in being brave by going dinosaur hu …

Episode 45 - Skiing in the Miniscape Set with Shizuka The Richer Boy than Suneo

When Shizuka’s family ski trip is cancelled, Nobita promises to take her instead.

Episode 46 - Pet Look-Alike Pie Invincible Super Backpack

Nobita uses a gadget to help Gian’s dog from not getting punished.

Episode 47 - Dive into the Clam Pack Lets Punish Intercepting Gian

Nobita decides to share the useful Clam Pack with his friends and family.

Episode 48 - Nobitas Cardboard Space Station Forget-me-lots

Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget that will create a Space Station that he can launch into space.

Episode 49 - Lets Move Here And There Split the River in Half with the Staff

Doraemon shows Nobita a device that can move his house anywhere he wants.

Episode 50 - Revenge Vouchers Voyage on a Dolphin

Nobita is sick and tired of always being bullied by Gian and wants to get back at him.

Episode 51 - Sweetbot Gian Comes Flying

Doraemon produces the Sweetbot to boost up Nobita’s ego.

Episode 52 - Our Great Battle in the Sky Hugga-pills

Nobita finds Doraemon playing with a Mini-plane and invites Shizuka to join him.

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