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Dark Gathering (Season 1) Dual Audio (English-Japanese) Episodes (English Subs) [1080p, 720p & 480p]


After a devastating encounter with a restless spirit, ghost-fearing psychic Keitarou Gentouga became a shut-in to avoid additional spectral catastrophes. But no man is a haunted island, and Keitarou eventually reintegrates with society by getting a part-time job as a tutor to the child prodigy Yayoi Houzuki. Yayoi isn’t just an academic genius, though. She’s a talented psychic medium hell-bent on finding the malevolent spirit behind her mother’s disappearance, and she’s gravely determined to drag Keitarou into her terrifying world of grotesque supernatural phenomenon.

Series Info

📰 Title : Dark Gathering
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2023)
📆 Release Date : 10 July, 2023
⏰ Runtime : ~24 min
🌐 Network : HIDIVE / Muse Asia
🎭 Genres : Adventure, Horror, Supernatural
🏢 Companies : OLM
📚 Content Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
✨ MAL Rating : 7.4
🆔 MAL ID : 52505
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Japanese – English
💬 Subtitles : English
🖥️ Trailer : Click Here


Episode 1 - Yayoi Hozuki

A glamorous woman met an unglamorous end inside that phone booth. She’s still in there calling for help, but one shouldn’t answer her. Keitaro is about to find out why.
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Episode 2 - Keitaro Gentoga

Keitaro was cursed years ago and receives exorcisms at his grandmother’s shrine. She once warned him not to enter the basement; she locked them away in the dark for a reason.
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Episode 3 - Friends

Yayoi and Eiko head to the psychic spot Mizuko Memorial Temple which holds its own sad secrets. And what does Yayoi want with Keitaro’s fingernails?!
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Episode 4 - Eiko Hozuki

Keitaro had a bad feeling about the Urban Legends class at the university. His instincts were correct: the professor should never have played that cursed videotape.
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Episode 5 - The Freshmen Welcome Event

Keitaro was looking to make new friends. But he should avoid certain friendships; there’s a reason people warn children to never talk to strangers.
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Episode 6 - The Promise

Camping was to be a reprieve, but the bridge is calling, the bridge is calling, the bridge is calling, the bridge is calLING, THE BRIDGE IS CALLING, THEBRIDGEISCALL-
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Episode 7 - S Tunnel

The car had three passengers when it entered the tunnel. A phantom hitchhiker demanded to be the fourth. Let. Her. In.
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Episode 8 - Betrothed to Divinity

The girl’s eyes shine with stars, but two spectral presences haunt her future.
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Episode 9 - Blasphemy

Terrifying enough to be victims in life; utterly horrific they remain so in death.
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Episode 10 - Across Japan

One does not defy a god lightly. If Yayoi, Keitaro and Eiko wish to save Ai, they must embark on a perilous journey across a country teeming with malevolent ghosts.
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Episode 11 - S-Rank Danger: Castle H Ruins

No happy tales remain within the castle’s forsaken ruins. The danger is unimaginable: Yayoi and Keitaro risk their doom, prepared as they may be.
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Episode 12 - The Castle H Ruins, Danger Rank S!

None who have encountered the castle spirit survived to tell the tale, but both the living and the dead should fear the High Priest; it is not salvation he prays for.
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Episode 13 - Emancipate

The tunnel is dangerous, and they must keep the High Priest in check. It is for that reason the trio need reinforcements; they need another Graduate.
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Episode 14 - Old F Tunnel

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. There is nothing for anyone in this tunnel, save for the depravity of a sadistic spirit.
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Episode 15 - Old Old F Tunnel

The Imprisoned Martyr is dead, but he cannot die. He longs for someone to grant him the death he desperately yearns for, and the F Tunnel ghost could be one such opponent.
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Episode 16 - House Hunting

Eiko did not leave the tunnel unscathed. She experienced the true terror of death, and must now ask herself if her horror obsession is worth risking her life.
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Episode 17 - The House of the Virgin Conception

Yayoi and Eiko have found the perfect home for the Graduates, but they soon discover the dark history of the family haunting the house—as well as their plans for Eiko.
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Episode 18 - Morning Twilight

The god who branded Ai takes an interest in the entity that abducted Yayoi’s mother. That can only mean one thing: a dangerous threat now brews on the horizon.
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Episode 19 - Within the Brothel

They’ve arrived at an old love hotel to find a Graduate, but Keitaro must locate her in a hidden room while avoiding other ghosts. Dire consequences await if they catch him.
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Episode 20 - The Old I Watergate: An Innocent Grudge

A little boy shows Keitaro his drawings as the trio explores an old watergate with a famous spiritualist. To his growing horror, he realizes they are all in imminent danger.
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Episode 21 - The Old I Watergate: Resplendence

She was beautiful once, but scorn burned her soul until nothing but spiteful ashes remained. Now, her wrathful fury is the only thing that can defeat a child’s rageful grudge.
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Episode 22 - The Old I Watergate: Pleasure District in Flames

The trio walk a dangerous path fraught with peril. Otogiri will not return to her prison willingly, and the spirit that replaced Nagiko is still out there somewhere.
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Episode 23 - Scary School Stories: Hide and Seek

Children can be cruel, that much is quite clear. Poor Sakashita lost all he held dear. He plays a game now, the rule is right here: don’t let him find you or you’ll disappear.
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Episode 24 - Scary School Stories: Nightmare

Dorothy has a plan that Yayoi needs to know about, especially since it involves the Spectre of Death.
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Episode 25 - Dark Gathering

They now have 7 Graduates, but fighting a god also requires an ambitious, daring plan. With Ai’s time running out, the trio prepare for their next journey; Kyoto awaits.
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