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Bunty Billa Aur Babban (Season 1) Multi Audio (Hindi-Tam-Tel-Kan) Episodes [1080p]


Bunty, Billa and Babban are three friends who engage in mischievous behaviour and create trouble for each other which leads to various adventures for the trio.

Series Info

📰 Title : Bunty Billa Aur Babban
📺 Type : TVSeries (2022)
📆 Release Date : 2022
⏰ Runtime : ~7 min
🌐 Network : Discovery Kids
🎭 Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy
🏢 Companies : Toonz Media Group
📚 Content Rating : TV-Y7
🍀 Quality : 1080p WEB-DL
🎧 Audio : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – Kannada
💬 Subtitles : English
💳 Credits : Telly
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1a - Billy Bath

Babban is growing a beautiful rose in his garden to give to his girlfriend and warns Billa not to disturb it. So of course, Bunty decides to attempt to mess with it in order to get Billa kicked out of the house.

Episode 1b - Gulaab Ka Fool

After Billa gets filthy in the mud, Grandpa tells Babban to give him a long overdue bath, much to Bunty’s amusement. Billa tries everything he can to avoid getting cleaned.

Episode 2a - Gadha Bana Gudia

Hoodie the crow makes a voodoo doll of Babban and can now control him. But Hoodie forgot about Bunty and Billa, who fight Hoodie for control of the doll and Babban.

Episode 2b - Nariyal Khilaadi

It’s time for the coconut harvest, so Grandpa entrusts Babban to do the job. Babban hires a monkey to help, but the monkey is bothered by Bunty and Billa’s antics, leading to a wild chase among the coconut trees.

Episode 3a - Hill Resort

Bunty, Billa, Babban and Grandpa arrive at a hill station for a small holiday. However, the local monkeys are not so friendly, leading to an epic fruit fight, a grudge match on a banana split and Billa being abducted.

Episode 3b - Kitaab Ka Kamaal

Tired of Bunty winning all the time, Billa orders a book on how to catch a parrot. However, Bunty has her own book to counter.

Episode 4a - Mission Impossible

When Grandpa goes out of town for a few days, Billa decides to throw a party with some of the neighboring cats. However, he must get Babban out of the house, and Bunty is determined to keep him there.

Episode 4b - Party

It’s Friendship Day, and Babban makes friendship bracelets for Bunty and Billa. But can the two maintain a friendship for a whole day?

Episode 5a - Bhaago Bhooth Aaya

Bunty’s friend from the city, a cocky chicken named Rooster, visits. Rooster is a black belt in karate, and he helps defend Bunty from Billa’s attacks.

Episode 5b - Cock a Doodle Doo

On Friday the 13th, Billa is scared after watching a horror movie. Bunty decides to play a prank and scare Billa by pretending to be a ghost.

Episode 6a - Adventure Park

It’s a nice evening, so Babban takes Bunty to a nearby park. But, Billa is determined to get Bunty, leading to a frantic chase around the playground, the pond and even the ice cream parlor.

Episode 6b - Pizza Mania

Babban makes pizza and gives a slice to Bunty and Billa. But Billa loves it so much that he doesn’t want to share with Bunty.

Episode 7a - Cricket Match

Bunty and Billa decide to play a game of cricket in the backyard with their own set of teams and Babban as the umpire. It ends up becoming a grudge match, with the backyard turning into a cricket battlefield.

Episode 7b - Katreena

When a hot new kitten named Katreena visits Babban, Billa suddenly decides he is Babban’s best friend. Billa is willing to do anything Babban asks him just to have a glance at Katreena.

Episode 8a - Katipatang

Bunty, Billa and Babban are on the terrace flying kites, competing with Marco and his kid Polo. However, a gang of cat bullies joins in, leading to a wild day in the sky.

Episode 8b - Party Sharty

Babban throws a small New Years party on the terrace. But Billa becomes bored with the dull events and invites the cat gang to liven up the party.

Episode 9a - Talent Show

Babban wakes up a sleepy Bunty and Billa for a morning trek through the mountains. Soon, Billa gets bored and chases Bunty through bat caves, over rope bridges and into quicksand.

Episode 9b - Trek Chakker

Babban learns that the “Great Indian Talent Show” is coming to town and is excited to participate. But as he starts to practice, he discovers Bunty and Billa practicing as well, leading to all three trying to stop the others.

Episode 10 - Sethji Ki Kurthi

Grandpa entrusts Babban to wash his special yellow shirt, but it’s all ruined by Billa’s attempts to capture Bunty.

Episode 11 - Bird House

Babban makes a nice birdhouse for a new pigeon family and their babies, with Bunty as their godmother. But Billa has his eyes on the babies, leading to an all-out war between Bunty and Billa.

Episode 12 - Swimming Class

Bunty tries to teach Babban how to swim at the lake, but Billa decides to show off his swimming skills to impress a sunbathing Katreena.

Episode 13 - Baby Sitting

Babban is tasked with watching Grandpa’s baby granddaughter. To punish Bunty and Billa, Babban puts them in charge of the infant, and the baby’s tantrums cause them to forgot about their rivalry for once.

Episode 14 - Beemar Gadha

When Babban is in bed sick with a fever, Billa doesn’t get his lunch. So he decides to make his own, but Bunty will not tolerate a thief, leading to a wild chase while Babban tries to get to some rest.

Episode 15 - Beach Dhamaal

Babban heads to the beach on his day off, but Bunty and Billa show up to ruin his relaxing day with their fighting.

Episode 16 - Billy Ki Safai

After Billa makes a mess while watching TV, Babban demands that the house be cleaned before he returns from the market. Bunty decides that it’s the perfect time to dirty the house even further.

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