My Love Story With Yamada-kun at Lv999 (Season 1) Multi Audio (Hindi-Eng-Jap) Episodes [1080p, 720p & 480p]


Akane Kinoshita, a female college student, faces the absolute worst situation when she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend after he has an affair with a woman he met playing an online game. While relieving her stress by rampaging through the open hunting grounds of an online game, Akane spills everything about her heartbreak to “Yamada”, a player she met by chance who happens to be in the same guild. “I don’t care,” is his curt reply. But when Akane gets a makeover and joins an offline event to get back at her ex-boyfriend, she hears those dreadful words again. And that was Akane’s fateful encounter with “Yamada”─!

Series Info

📰 Title : My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999
🍂 Season : 1
📺 Type : TVSeries (2023)
📆 Release Date : 2 4, 2023
⏰ Runtime : ~24 min
🌐 Network : Crunchyroll
🎭 Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance
🏢 Companies : Aniplex
📚 Content Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
✨ MAL Rating : 7.85
🆔 MAL ID : 53126
🍀 Quality : 1080p | 720p | 480p
🎧 Audio : Japanese – English
💬 Subtitles : English
🖥️ Trailer : Click Here


Episode 1 - This Is Why I Can't Stand Gamer Guys!

Akane Kinoshita, a University student, was struck with tragedy when her boyfriend Takuma ended their relationship with the words, “I’ve fallen for someone else.” To make things even worse, it seems the other girl he fell for is someone he met through the online game “Forest of Savior (FOS),” which was a game that Akane also started playing in order to spend more time with Takuma. Unable to hold in her stress, she goes on to relieve her distress onto weak mobs in FOS. Then, YAMADA from the same guild happens to find her. She spills what she had just gone through with her now broken up boyfriend but has no idea that this is going to change her life drastically.
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Episode 2 - It's Almost Time for the Boss to Spawn So...

Akane, who attended the FOS offline event coincidentally finds YAMADA there. At the same time however, she runs into her ex-boyfriend (along with his now-girlfriend) and impulsively blurts out that Yamada is her new boyfriend. To amend the trouble she put Yamada though, she takes him to an izakaya where she then ends up becoming completely wasted. Yamada is left with no choice but to care for her at his home where he relieves her, but she also loses her treasured necklace there… In search of her lost accessory, Akane enters the guild hall and happens to see Yamada. However, not only is she treated coldly by him, but he also harshly reprimands the way she is using the guild storage space.
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Episode 3 - I Wanna Have an Offline Meeting ♡

Unable to get over her break up, Akane is having trouble focusing on the match making date she was attending. She logs into FOS, where she happens to find the guild master, Rurihime, and Yamada. Although Yamada is usually completely inexpressive like a “Noh mask,” Akane realizes that he’s always been very close with Rurihime in their interactions. She begins to wonder if they’re actually in a romantic relationship, and this makes her start to realize her inner feelings. Akane then receives an invitation from Rurihime for an offline meetup, and they make plans to meet but…
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Episode 4 - Are You in Love With Yamada?

Akane joins the offline meetup of the Chocolate Rabbit Guild being held at the FOS collab café. Though she’s able to recognize who Yamada and this Rurihime-like girl is, she struggles to figure out who the two others in attendance, Eita and Mr. Kamota, are. Seeing this, Yamada suggests they start with self-introductions, where Akane finds out that Mr. Kamota is a player with the username takezo and he is a strawberry farmer who she’s never come across in FOS. The other unknown figure, Eita, was the player of a character that Akane would never have guessed…
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Episode 5 - How About You Give Us an Explanation

Although Akane really wanted to become friends with the members of their guild, she could sense that Eita’s younger sister, Runa, was putting some distance between them. She then receives an invitation from Runa to meet at a café, which makes Akane ecstatic. Little did she know this invitation was actually a prank Runa pulled on her, and the person who came to meet Akane at the café was actually a man and a complete stranger who is a self-proclaimed Rurihime fan. Akane excuses herself to the ladies’ room to organize her thoughts but…

Meanwhile, Yamada who was visiting the Sasaki household to tutor Runa notices her strange behavior and soon finds out about the prank that Runa had pulled on Akane.

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Episode 6 - I Personally Would Prefer a Love Comedy Ending

Thanks to the intervention of the guild members led by Yamada, the predicament caused by Runa’s prank was resolved. Akane also accepts Runa’s apology who takes such a liking to Akane that she starts to visit Akane’s home frequently. Now that the two had developed a good friendship, Akane also begins spending lots of time playing FOS, and finally becomes friends with Yamada in-game. However, after spending so much time playing the resource heavy online game on her laptop, it suddenly explodes–.
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Episode 7 - You Want to Feel at Ease?

Yamada visits Akane’s apartment to help repair her laptop. After a certain experience he had, Yamada had been trying to get too close to women. However, for some reason, he just wasn’t able to take his eyes off of Akane taking an afternoon nap. He unthinkingly reaches out to touch her hair, but then he stops when he hears the doorbell ring. When Yamada goes to check the front door, he finds Akane’s ex-boyfriend, Takuma, standing there. Shocked to see Yamada coming out of Akane’s room, Takuma explains his reason for his visit…
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Episode 8 - If That Happened, That Would Be...

Akane visits Yamada’s high school’s school festival, the “Higashinari Festival,” along with the other guild members. Eita and Mr. Kamota stop by to enjoy one of the student-run maid cafés, but Runa on the other hand begins to experience intense stomach pains from the pressure she was feeling around taking the entrance exams for this high school the following year. She makes a dash for the restroom, and Akane feeling concerned for her, stands in front of the restroom to wait for her. Yamada appears before her, and the two end up walking around the school doing some shopping later on. Upon seeing Yamada walking alongside a woman, the surrounding students begin causing a ruckus…
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Episode 9 - The Guild Is Facing a Crisis!!

After hearing each other’s true feelings at the school festival, Akane and Yamada have become closer than ever. Although Akane now had more confidence in how she felt about Yamada, somewhere in her heart she felt needed to hold herself back. With her thoughts in disarray, she finds out a new development was occurring in their FOS guild. It was decided a new female member would be added to the guild. Moreover, this was actually someone that Yamada was introducing to them. And she was also his classmate…
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Episode 10 - I'll Definitely Be Hurt Someday

Akane was about to collapse while going through a horrible cold, but then Yamada appears before her. Yamada picks her up and carries her to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, noticing that he had missed his cram school lesson, his classmate Tsubaki, who recently joined their guild, starts to worry about him. Tsubaki had become acquainted with Yamada after playing against him in another online game and also knows why he avoids associating too closely with women. In her heart, she knew, “it would be horrible to fall for someone this cruel,” but she couldn’t help but feel Yamada was starting to mean more and more to her…
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Episode 11 - There's Something I Want To Talk To You About

Akane recovered from her cold thanks to Yamada’s care, and she is finally able to log into FOS again. There she meets the new guild member, TSUBAKI, in her FOS avatar. The two go to challenge a boss battle straight away but are overcome by its incredibly “solid” defense. They reach the time limit, and unfortunately, the boss gets away. But after fighting alongside each other, Akane deepens her friendship with TSUBAKI. After logging out, Akane calls Yamada to ask him for advice on strategizing against this boss, which turns into a very long phone call. Once the call ends, Akane finds new determination within herself.
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Episode 12 - I Like You

Akane, who was now determined to confess her feelings to Yamada, reaches out to ask for advice from Momoko, the friend who consoled her after her most recent break up, and Rurihime, or rather Eita. As to not lose the momentum she got from that, Akane heads to Yamada’s apartment without any forewarning, but she had arrived just when he is rushing out of his home to get to cram school and can’t get herself to tell him how she feels. They decide to meet again after he finishes his lessons but are then met with a sudden rainstorm. Along with the rainstorm, Tsubaki also makes a sudden and impulsive action, which ended up leading to Akane and Yamada’s plans to meet up being cancelled…
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Episode 13 - In the Morning When I Wake Up

After impulsively spilling her feelings to Yamada, Tsubaki asks him to meet once again. Although she is aware that Yamada has feelings for someone else, she tries to tell him all the feelings she had been carrying for him through her student life. Upon hearing her feelings, Yamada says…
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