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Marvel Future Avengers (Season 1) Hindi-Eng Episodes [720p]


Super-powered kids discover they’ve been secretly training under Hydra to be villains, and they escape to seek the help of the Avengers and to bring down their evil overlords.

Series Info

📰 Title : Marvel Future Avengers
🍂 Season : 01
📺 Type : TVSeries (2017)
📆 Release Date : 22 July 2017
⏰ Runtime : ~22 min
🌐 Network : Marvel HQ
🎭 Genres : Animation, Action, Adventure, Superhero, Sci-Fi
🏢 Companies : Marvel Enterprises
📚 Content Rating : TV-PG
✨ IMDb Rating : 5.7/10.0
🆔 IMDb ID : tt6591446
🍀 Quality : 720p
🎧 Audio : Hindi – English [Org. DTH Audio]
🖥️ Screenshots: Click Here


Episode 1 - And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead

Three kids escape from Hydra’s captivity.
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Episode 2 - Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers lay siege to Hydra Island.
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Episode 3 - The Red Skull Conspiracy

The Avengers transport Red Skull to the Raft.
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Episode 4 - Future Avengers: Assemble!

The Future Avengers sneak out of the Avengers Tower.
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Episode 5 - Iron Fist!

Thor and the Future Avengers visit Iron Fist.
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Episode 6 - Secret Past of Iron-Man!

Future Avengers discover the Secret past of Iron Man.
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Episode 7 - Here Comes Deadpool!

Deadpool visits Avengers Tower.
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Episode 8 - Super Soldier: Steve Rogers!

Bruno is revived on Hydra Island.
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Episode 9 - Who is Winter Soldier?

Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Hawkeye assemble.
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Episode 10 - Black Panther!

Iron Man and Chloe got to Wakanda.
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Episode 11 - The Rampaging Hulk!

Hulk quits the Avengers.
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Episode 12 - Spider-Man to the Rescue!

Green Goblin targets the Avengers.
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Episode 13 - Green Goblin vs. The Hulk!

Green Goblin steals the Hulkbuster armor.
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Episode 14 - The Flight of the Falcon!

The Leader sabotages Iron Man’s armor.
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Episode 15 - Ms. Marvel!

Chloe meets Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel.
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Episode 16 - Operation Rescue Winter Soldier!

Captain America goes on a mission to Russia.
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Episode 17 - Finding Hydra’s Comrades!

Captain America teams up with the Winter Guard
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Episode 18 - Its Deadpool Again!New

Deadpool kidnaps Makoto
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Episode 19 - Can You Believe in Loki?New

The Avengers team up with Loki.
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Episode 20 - The Bond of Brothers!New

The Avengers battle the Masters of Evil.
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